Konami and EA remove this football player from their games following a rape complaint

Konami and EA make a heavy decision against an English football player following complaints of rape and sexual assault.

Not long ago, we told you about the suspension of Benjamin Mendy, striker for the Manchester City team, in the game of football FIFA 22 following certain complaints that the player received against his person. Today, another sportsman finds himself in turmoil, as Konami decides to permanently withdraw him from his football games. This is Mason Greenwood, an English professional player targeted by complaints of rape and sexual assault.

Aged just 20, Mason Greenwood plays as a striker in the prestigious Manchester United team in England, but is quickly overtaken by his apparently violent behavior. It was at the end of January 2022 that his partner, Harriet Robson, decided to file a complaint against him for violence, which includes physical and sexual assault.

On Twitter, appeared numerous photos and audio recordings aimed at proving that the sportsman had inappropriate behavior with his companion. For the moment, the case is in the hands of the police, as well as the English courts, who are closely studying the words of the young woman, especially after the discovery of the alleged rapes perpetrated by Mendy, numbering 7 according to her victims.

EA Sports removes it… partly from FIFA 22

This accusation had almost immediate fallout. His club decides to suspend the player until the case is settled, and Nike, his sponsor, decides to definitively break the contract that the brand had with Greenwood. But the representation of a football player does not pass only by his presence on a field. Video games are also an unparalleled visibility platform, especially among the youngest fans.

That’s why, just before Konami, EA Sports also decided to remove Mason Greenwood from their FIFA 22 game… at least in part. Because if Konami’s decision is pure and simple, EA keeps the player in its online mode, and especially its FUT mode, in which it always circulates in the form of a card. It can therefore be bought or resold by anyone even after the last update of the game. As for Konami, the studio declares:

In light of the serious allegations made against Mason Greenwood, the player will be removed from our football titles until further notice. When it comes to PES 2021 on mobile specifically, users cannot get the player, but current owners are unaffected. Konami condemns violence in all its forms. While the police investigation is ongoing, it would be inappropriate to comment further.

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