Konami apologizes for the embarrassing launch of eFootball 2022 and its memes

An unfinished game

That is the general opinion that exists in the networks, since PES fans, eager to play the new installment of the game (although with another name, as we already knew) have been seriously disappointed with the result of the game that has arrived. to their consoles. The problem is that the game feels really bad, with many errors in the control, the animations of the players and the flow of the game in general.

Such is the tension between users, that Konami has been forced to release a statement with which to apologize and do “everything possible to satisfy as many users as possible.”

When failures become a meme

efootball 2022

The worst of the situation is that a large number of images of the many graphic errors and animations that flood the game have appeared on social networks. For example, the facial expressions of the players when celebrating a goal show disconcerted and horrible faces that reveal a terrible job in this regard, since it only takes a few games to realize the horrifying results that can be obtained when crossing the line. finish line.

It is precisely that detail that has especially angered users, who know that they are errors resulting from poor supervision and a lack of revision in the game’s re-read. The level of neglect reaches such an extent that they have managed to see a fan in the stands with the Arsenal shirt but with the Manchester United crest.

What is going to happen?

Konami efootball

Obviously we do not know what is exactly being cooked in the Konami offices. That the game has dropped the PES stamp is probably a sign of respect for the saga of one of the best football games ever, since coming out with such a game is not worthy of a company like Konami. That the game continues to release versions with updated databases and no other improvements is something that we still do not understand, so we can only sigh so that the true heir to PES arrives next year with a launch in conditions and at the height.

It is true that taking into account that the game is completely free, much more cannot be asked, and it must also be borne in mind that in the coming months the first major update will include an update to the game engine (something that we do not understand either), so we could still cast a ray of hope in this 2022 eFootball. The question is, will waiting do any good?

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