Korea is building an OLED research center to lower its manufacturing cost

South Korea wants to remain the great benchmark in the OLED sector. The country knows that, although Samsung and LG dominate the market for automobiles, telephony and screens for smart TVs, China is very interested in taking the first place. They are even hiring engineers experienced in making organic light-emitting diode panels to catch up with their rival.

And this is one of the main reasons why the government has been promoting an alliance for some time with a clear objective: to continue to dominate the sector and prevent China from doing the same thing it achieved with the manufacture of LCD panels: completely cornering the market.

For this reason, as as reported by various media from the country, Korea has started construction of the Display Innovation Process Center, a research and development center that wants to become an advanced base in research and development of new generation OLED screens.

Display Innovation Process Center will lower the cost of OLED Smart TVs

Display Innovation Process Center

On the other hand, the staff working in the Display Innovation Process Center is expected to achieve a clear objective: reduce the price of manufacturing organic light-emitting diode panels as much as possible.

Chungcheongnam-do and Chungnam Technopark (Chungnam TP), the Korea Industrial Technology Assessment Institute and the Korea Display Industry Association held an opening ceremony that was attended by key players in the industry.

To give you an idea, the opening ceremony was attended by the provincial governor of Chungnam, Seung-jo Yang, the national assemblyman Wan-joo Park, the director of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy Woo-seok Choi, the mayor of Cheonan, Sang-don Park, the Korea Industrial Technology Assessment InstituteYang-ho Jeong, Samsung Display Vice President Ki-seung Lee and LG Display Vice President Soo-youngYoon.

This center is part of the project to build a platform that has been promoting this alliance since 2019 to reduce manufacturing costs and improve OLED technology. The project has a cost of 528.100 million won, about 393 million euros to change of which 159.8 billion won, about 118 million euros, will be used to build the center that could be completed by the end of this year

This center hasIt will have 13,320 square meters and will have all the necessary equipment, including panel design software (SW), reliability test equipment, 31 types of OLED processes, test and evaluation equipment to work in the best conditions. According to the characteristics of the center, it will focus on developing the 2nd generation OLED process (370×470 mm).

Comparative LG OLED G2 vs LG OLED C2
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Regarding the development of new technologies, the Display Innovation Process Center will initially promote 66 display R&D research projects, developing cheaper production methods and innovative processes that reduce costs in order to lower the price of OLED televisions and other products that use this technology.

Undoubtedly, a very logical response by the Korean government to China’s attempts to catch up technologically in the OLED panel manufacturing processes. Today, Samsung and LG are the clear dominators, but the economic support from the Chinese government to companies in the sector is making them increasingly competitive.

We will see what projects are born from the Display Innovation Process Center, but it is clear that the great beneficiaries will be the end users since, most likely, in the coming years the manufacturing cost of this technology will be lowered considerably, allowing reduce the price of OLED Smart TVs and position them as the first purchase option.

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