Kristina is trans, but she was arrested and imprisoned with men: one beat her until her jaw was broken

Kristina frost, a transgender woman, it was mistakenly detained in San Diego and locked in a cell with four men even though he insisted to the cops that his license showed his true gender. Once she fell asleep, one of these subjects turned out to be transphobic and waited for her to fall asleep for hit her hard until fracture your jaw.

The events occurred on November 25, 2020 When, for no reason, uniforms asked the woman to search her car and she refused, however, the issue of her aggression advanced this week after achieving file a complaint with a Federal Court in California against the San Diego County and Police Department, whom he accused, among other things, of negligence.

The document, The Washington Post relates, notes that Kristina woke up just as the transphobic man was hitting her So what the guards intervened when he had already fractured his jaw and they took the man out of the cell; Nevertheless, they held her for 12 hours before they let her go free and I could go to a hospital to be served.

As a result of this transphobic attack, Kristina suffered excruciating pain before a doctor checked her; subsequently had to undergo two surgeries and they closed his jaw, so now you must wear false teeth, signals the demand.

At the time, Teannah Townsend, daughter of Kristina Frost, opened a collection page to pay for her mother’s medical expenses, as well as to pay the lawyers and recover the car, which was being held by the police. After a month of the attack, Kristina wrote in the publication thanking those who donated for the support and announcing that she would sue the San Diego authorities.

The drama that trans people experience when they are arrested

In the wake of the Kristina Frost case, San Diego Pride, a civil organization that defends the LGBT + Community launched a statement asking the authorities for a reform in favor of its members, so that their rights are respected not only at the time of arrest but in any situation; Likewise, the NGO spoke out for those who violate the rights of LGBT + people to be tried for violating the law.

The US media took up an investigation carried out by NBC News before the attack on Kristina occurred in San Diego, and it is noted that the Incarcerated transgender people are always detained in places according to the gender assigned at birth and not the one they identify with or the one that appears in their official documents, so when they are apprehended are in danger of being attacked.

Following the Kristina Frost case, California Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom signed a law that obliges the State to house detained trans persons based on their gender identity and not their sex.


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