Krom takes headphones to another level with Klaim: RGB on the headband!

The Krom Klaim are gaming headphones with stereo sound capability, 2.0, that promise to deliver crystal clear audio quality through their built-in speakers and microphone. Although what stands out the most is its appearance, since it incorporates a double headband with RGB lighting that gives it its unique and striking aesthetic.

But, how are its specifications, are they at the level of what is seen with the naked eye or instead they are still headphones to use?

General appearance of the Krom Klaim RGB headphones

Krom Klaim Gaming Headphones

We are facing a gaming headset that at first glance gives the appearance of offering premium-looking finishes and a solid construction. Not surprisingly, it has an aesthetic that corresponds to devices of the same type that is at a much higher price than those that occupy us at the moment.

In terms of size, these single-person speakers measure 216 x 205 x 103 mm and they have a slight weight of 330 grams. We cannot forget its appearance where what stands out at first glance is its double RGB arc in various colors located above the height-adjustable headband, which is what gives it its totally gamer appearance that combines aesthetically with the classic. PC Gamer dominated by RGB lighting.

Its headphones are comfortable and soft as they are fully padded and surrounded by soft ear cushions and are fully adjustable in height. In any case, the appearance is not the most important thing. How is the quality of the Krom Klaim headphones and microphone?

Speaker and microphone characteristics

Krom Klaim Side

Krom Klaim
Guy Closed circumaural
Connectivity 3.5 mm minijack
Maximum distance 2.1 meters (cable)
Frequency response 20Hz – 20 KHz
Sensitivity 119 (+/- 3dB)
Impedance 16 Ohms
Driver size 50 mm
Microphone Omnidirectional, 50 Hz to 10 Khz, 35-41 dB
Noise Cancellation No
RGB Yes, RGB headband
software No
PVP 29.99 €

Outside of how the Krom Klaim look, what interests us is that gaming headphones make the game’s audio sound crystal clear and with quality and we can communicate crystallly with the rest of the players, since that is the function by which we acquired a peripheral of this type.

Starting with the audio output quality, the specifications are as follows:

  • Each earbud is 50mm in diameter.
  • The response frequency of the headphones ranges from 20 Hz to 20 KHz,
  • Its impedance is close to 16 ohms, with fluctuations moving up and down over 15%.
  • A sensitivity that ranges from 116 to 122 decibels, but which in most of the time is located at 119.

Krom Klaim

Regarding the audio input, that is, the microphone, it is totally flexible and offers the following specifications:

  • We find one that uses a 360º polar diaphragm and therefore can capture sounds from all directions and therefore the omnidirectional microphone.
  • Its response frequency is between 50 Hz to 10 KHz.
  • As for its sensitivity to noise, Krom specifies it somewhere between 35 and 41 decibels.
  • The information is completed with the impedance, which is equal to or less than 2200 Ohms.

If we already refer to the volume control, this is integrated into the left earphone, so you will not have to look for the control knob on the cable and you will always have it accessible and at hand, which is essential to avoid the greater amount of possible distractions during games.

RGB lighting and connectivity

RGB Krom Klaim

What stands out about the Krom Klaim is its double RGB LED headband with a Rainbow effect, which makes it stand out and gives it its unique completely gamer look, but how does the lighting work? It does not use any software and uses a USB port to keep the lights on all the time, so you will need a USB type A connection on your console or computer so that the Krom Klaim light arches are on all the time. weather.

Regarding the transmission and reception of audio, it uses two 3.5 mm mini Jack, so we can connect them to the already classic speaker and microphone ports of our PC and here we must clarify that despite them these headphones are also compatible with other devices despite not having a three-ring connector that transmits and receives audio with a single cable.

Well, if you want to use them on your Xbox, PlayStation 4 and be able to play games with voice and audio at the same time, it should be clarified that this is not a problem if you have a converter from two audio inputs to one at hand, that will allow you to use it also in a new generation console directly.

As for the cable included as standard, it has a length of 2.1 meters, which is ideal so that there are no jerks and you can move freely, even if you are one of those people who mistakenly have the PC on the ground and double bad luck to have the audio outputs on the back of your PC.

What is the price and availability of the Krom Klaim?

Krom Klaim box

In the event that you are interested in buying the Krom Klaim gaming headphones, they will be available in stores from the end of September 2021 at a recommended price of € 29.90.

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