Kubernetes, the ‘fashionable’ technology that is examined in MuyCanal

Our colleagues at MuyCanal, aware of the possibilities offered Kubernetes when it comes to managing workloads and services, they have decided to investigate this technology, whose adoption by companies has experienced notable growth in recent years. An acceleration that goes hand in hand with the consulting, migration and management services that IT partners can offer. But what opportunities do they have in this segment?

With an eye on this issue, the new Document MuyCanal joins our collection of specials. Under the title of Ā«Kubernetes: the value provided by a partnerĀ» the options that technology providers have when working in these environments are broken down.


What are Kubernetes and why am I interested?

Kubernetes is an open source system that streamlines deployment automation, workload scaling, and containerized application management. As a unit, the container is used to bundle an application with all its necessary files in execution environments, which allows moving everything quickly and easily when carrying out developments.

Through this platform, more and more companies develop, manage and store their applications in controlled, efficient and secure environments. Spaces that are expected to be used in production by 85% of organizations by 2025.

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At this point, the partners are a fundamental piece for its adoption, management and maintenance. A business on the rise where the specialization of technology providers is a value that we tell you how to exploit in this MuyCanal document. But to whet your appetite we advance some key issues:

Discover how to enter the future and, already present, of many companies in development environments. Platforms that are creating the developments of tomorrow. Do not miss it!


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