Kuo previews news about the AirPods Pro 2

AirPods Pro 2

The famous Korean analyst Ming-Chi Kuo does not rest even the first day of the year, and yesterday published a new report on a future Apple device. This time, it was the turn of the second generation of the AirPods Pro.

In this report for Apple investors, he explained some interesting “tidbits” about futures. AirPods Pro 2. When will be released, exterior design, and new features in the charging case. Not bad to start the rumors of this new year.

Kuo has published a note to Apple investors explaining some news that he has learned about the next AirPods Pro 2 that the company has in the pipeline to be launched. To begin with, it says that said launch is scheduled for the fourth quarter of this year that we just opened.

In this report he explains that the second generation of the famous AirPods Pro will have a new exterior design. The truth is that previous rumors already suggested that they would have a similar shape to the current ones. Beats Fit Pro.

Lossless audio?

Also note that they will be compatible with the audio format Apple Lossless (ALAC), that is, lossless sound quality. It would be a breakthrough, difficult to know if Apple will make it or not. It is a doubt more than real, since if the AirPods Max with cable do not have such a lossless audio system, it will hardly be possible to get a headset with a Bluetooth connection. We will see.

Another novelty that Kuo explained yesterday is in the charging case of the AirPods Pro 2. It will have a chip similar to that of the AirTags, so that they can be tracked via the iOS “Search” application.

Finally, the Korean analyst explains that AirPods sales are generally on the right track. It points out that sales for the fourth quarter of last 2021 reached 27 million units. He believes that by 2022, these total sales will reach 90 million units, 25% more than 2021 sales.

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