Kuo Says Apple’s Augmented Reality Glasses Will Feature Wifi 6E

We continue with the rumors about the new and future Augmented Reality glasses that Apple may be manufacturing. We use the conditional, because we do not know if the American company really has in mind to launch them, but analysts of the stature of Kuo affirm that it will be next year when they see the light, with a certain delay that yes and that also They will have Wifi 6E.

Many are the rumors that exist about the Augmented Reality glasses that Apple could be preparing to launch next year. In the end, most likely, due to certain delays or so at least is what Kuo suggests. But although so far all we have read are rumors, we have to bear in mind that they are becoming more precise and concrete, as for example we bring you now. The same analyst, Ming-Chi-Kuo, affirms that future glasses will incorporate Wifi 6E, for higher bandwidth and low latency.

As the analyst explained, one of the biggest problems with mixed reality (AR and VR) glasses right now is the requirement for a wired connection to a computer. To avoid these problems and provide users with a better experience, those created by Apple are expected to support the Wi-Fi 6 / 6E protocol. Not that it’s an incredible novelty from Apple, because other similar models already incorporate this protocol.

We can add this new feature to those already announced or rather rumored previously. They will be extremely premium with advanced sensors, 8K displays, and super powerful chips. Mark Gurman of Blommberg already said once that the device will be “expensive”, that translated into Spanish, means that they will have a prohibitive price. In fact some more rumors indicate the possibility of reaching the $ 3,000.

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