Kuo says that the Apple Watch Series 8 will have a body thermometer


The famous analyst of the Apple environment Ming-Chi Kuo has sent a press release where he assures that next year’s Apple Watch (not the one we will see next week) will be able to measure the body temperature of your user.

We’re late. I know that from here it is very easy to say, but the truth is that it would have been a success that the current series 6 would have incorporated it, knowing that fever is an indication of a possible contagion of COVID-19. But hey, better late than never.

At the beginning of the pandemic I bought a digital thermometer the kind of pistol that you shoot in the forehead as if you were the executioner of a drug gang. And the first thing I thought when using it for the first time and seeing how it worked (simply illuminating the skin) is that Apple was surely already working on miniaturizing that system to incorporate it into the Apple Watch.

Now, the Korean analyst Kuo, affirms that the Apple Watch Series 8 it will already take the user’s body temperature. It’s a shame we still have to wait a year to see it. Although it will undoubtedly be a great advance that your Apple Watch alerts you as soon as you start having a fever.

Kuo has not commented on rumors that a next generation Apple Watch will measure the blood glucose level, wave blood pressure. That is quite a mystery. He has only pointed out that the Chinese manufacturer of components and digital sensors Luxshare Precision will be the supplier of the new biometric sensors that incorporate the next series of Apple Watch.

We’ll see if the new series 7 which is presented this coming Tuesday, incorporates a new health data sensor, as did the series 6 with the blood oxygen level sensor. Rumors suggest that it will not be the case, and that the news of the next Apple Watch focuses on the exterior design with new sizes and straps, and little else. We will see.

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