Kyndryl and Google Cloud reach an agreement to facilitate digital transformation for companies

On Kyndryl They continue with a frenzy to reach agreements with other technology companies since their birth about a month ago. Thus, the agreements that have already been closed in recent weeks with Microsoft, VMware and SAP, now join another already reached with Google Cloud.

The end of this agreement is to facilitate customers, both Kyndryl and Google cloud, their digital transformation. For this, both companies will add knowledge in data and analytics, as well as in applied Artificial Intelligence and infrastructure modernization. Additionally, Kyndryl’s managed services on Google Cloud will help clients support their critical business systems on global and sustainable Google Cloud infrastructure. At the same time, they will have applications and data where they need it.

On the other hand, and as a Google Cloud Premier partner, Kyndryl is launching a “Google Cloud Academy for Kyndryl”, focused on developing capabilities to accelerate the movement of mission-critical workloads to Google Cloud. It is designed to contribute to the goal of training 40 million people on Google Cloud, and will lead to the delivery of several thousand new certificates in the coming years.

To carry out this collaboration, both companies will focus on the following areas: Data, analytics and Artificial Intelligence, SAP on Google Cloud, Enterprise edge and industrial solutions for financial services. In the framework of the first, Kyndryl and Google Cloud plan to help their clients with more capacity to move their data and the use of analytics in their digital transformation strategies, thanks to the addition of Kyndryl’s data management services. and to the integration capabilities of the Google Cloud Analytics and Artificial Intelligence platform.

Additionally, Kyndryl will accelerate the migration of mission-critical workloads in SAP to Google Cloud, helping its clients move their SAP workloads to the global Google Cloud infrastructure. On the Enterprise edge, Kyndryl plans to create new integrated industry solutions, including management services with Google Cloud to offer and expand connectivity, computing and analytics at the edge of the network. Customers will be able to unite Google Cloud’s distributed edge technology and data services with Kyndryl’s managed edge technology deployment services.

Apart from this, the union of Kyndryl’s experience in financial institution support services with Google Cloud’s financial services solutions will allow both clients to become more efficient companies thanks to their data.

Martin Schroeter, CEO and President of Kyndryl, highlighted from the agreement that the company is «We are very excited to partner with Google Cloud and we look forward to working together to help our clients accelerate their ambitious digital transformation plans. Through this strategic alliance, Kyndryl and Google Cloud will make it easier for companies to operate more efficiently, take advantage of the benefits of the cloud and increase their operations with advanced data, analytics and AI technology.«.

For his part, the CEO of Google Cloud, Thomas Kurian, underlines that “the alliance between Google Cloud and Kyndryl represents a significant step forward in a context in which global companies seek the digital transformation of their organizations. Joining the global infrastructure of Google Cloud, the leading technology in AI, machine learning and analytics with the world’s largest provider of IT services and managed services will accelerate the ability of global businesses to launch new digital businesses and carry their most critical workloads. to a cloud environment ».

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