Kyndryl and Nokia expand their global alliance in the area of ​​networks and edge

Kyndryl one of the world’s leading technology infrastructure providers, and Nokia, leading company in next-generation networking technology, today announced the three-year extension and expansion of their global networking and edge computing alliance, focused on the development and delivery of industry-leading LTE and 5G private wireless services and solutions. for Industry 4.0 to its customers around the world.

Kyndryl and Nokia established their global networking and edge alliance in February 2022. Since then, their collaboration has grown exponentially, with more than 100 active engagements with global companies in 24 countries, ranging from advice or pilot tests, to complete implementations. With a shared vision and commitment to help businesses and customers with mission-critical infrastructure accelerate their digital transformations with cutting-edge 5G and LTE private wireless networks, 90% of their current engagements are with companies in the industrial manufacturing sector. , including petrochemical, mining and logging, and energy and utility multinationals.

“As enterprises look to accelerate and deliver on their Industry 4.0 and digitalization journeys, the effective integration and deployment of advanced LTE and 5G private wireless network technologies become critical to integrating all enterprise operations from fluid, risk-free, efficient and safe way”, says Alejandro Cadenas, Associate Vice President of Telecommunications and Mobility Research at IDC.“This powerful and expanding relationship between Nokia and Kyndryl is a unique combination of vertical and horizontal capabilities, offering enterprise IT and OT leaders access to the innovation, tools and expert resources needed to digitally transform their operations. The alliance provides a compelling shared vision and execution that will enable customers across industries and geographies to access the ingredients needed to deliver on the promise of digital acceleration, powered by grid computing and edge computing.”

The expanded effort will be bolstered by Kyndryl’s accreditation in the Digital Automation Cloud (DAC) of Nokiawhich helps ensure that clients benefit from a team of qualified professionals with extensive training and in-depth knowledge of the products and solutions of Nokia. In addition, customers will gain access to Kyndryl’s accelerated network deployment capabilities and expert cellular radio support from Nokia in selected markets.

To face the convergence and the increasing demand of IT and OT for companies, Kyndryl, Nokia and Palo Alto Networks, the global leader in cybersecurity, will launch a joint innovation lab in Raleigh, North Carolina, to deliver reliable, secure and auditable wireless connectivity in industrial networks. With this collaboration, a zero trust multifactor model is enabled for industrial networks, both for the IT part and the OT part of the network, using the best tools and resources of each of the companies. Kyndryl’s network experts are developing an integrated system that builds on the foundation of a traditional Modbus process control network and extends access and security beyond the typical shop floor. using Nokia Digital Automation Cloud, private cellular connectivity enables high mobility and greater network reach.

“Our alliance with Nokia has focused on co-innovation and co-creation for clients to digitally transform their workspaces and operations”, says Paul Savill, global practice leader for Network and Edge Computing at Kyndryl. “The success we have seen implementing private wireless networks for clients like Dow Chemical over the last 12 months, along with the global expansion of our collaboration, is an indication of our confidence that together we can help companies boost their transformation towards Industry 4.0 in all sectors, quickly and at scale”.

“Kyndryl and Nokia they share the same vision of digital transformation and, as leaders in our respective industries, we are committed to growing this market together. We are delighted to build on our current success and strengthen our alliance to target more enterprise customers across multiple industries.” says Chris Johnson, Director of Global Entrepreneurial Business at Nokia. “Currently, the two companies are exploring and developing new solutions and integrated services of Edge, Cloud, IP networking, optical, fixed access, 4G and 5G Core and software technologies for network operations, capable of responding to the growing demand for networks. industrial-grade and mission-critical wireless networks.

To date, Kyndryl and Nokia have successfully developed a private wireless network with edge computing for Dow Chemical, at its petrochemical processing plant in Texas, USA. Dow Chemical’s plant upgrade with advanced connectivity has increased operator safety and enabled remote audio and video collaboration and real-time smart procedures.

At Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2023, Kyndryl and Nokia will introduce new device management services in the partner space Nokia (booth #3A20/2A2), showcasing Kyndryl’s self-provisioning software that leverages Kyndryl’s customizable enterprise mobile capabilities Nokia in its XR20 line of rugged, industrial-grade devices. The jointly developed offerings will further enhance workplace mobility, as well as productivity, employee communication and overall worker safety in industrial settings. Together, Kyndryl and Nokia they address the operational and collaboration needs faced by contractors and operators in the field today. Besides, Gretchen Tinnerman, Kyndryl’s Vice President and Network & Edge Practice Leader in the US, will join Kyndryl’s CEO live Nokia, Pekka Lundmark, during his keynote address at MWC which will take place on Tuesday, February 28, from 12:00 to 1:00 PM CET at Keynote Stage, Hall 4.

Nokia has deployed mission-critical networks to more than 2,600 leading enterprise customers in the transportation, energy, enterprise, manufacturing, webscale and public sector segments around the world. It has also expanded its presence to more than 560 private wireless customers globally in different industry sectors and has been cited by numerous industry analysts as the leading provider of private wireless networks worldwide.

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