La Llorona arrives in Italy to celebrate the Day of the Dead

The Embassy of Mexico to Italy tonight held the traditional Day of the Dead with catrinas, pan de muerto and mariachi who sang the song of the weeping woman, and an altar to convey the essence of Mexican culture and its vision of death.

The Embassador Carlos Garcia de Alba defined Mexico as a power rich in culture, and that through the commemoration of the Day of the Dead, it is “to celebrate life”, because it is the day that “is invited to be with our dear departed, make the altar, where We give them the things they ate, we ask them for help, we ask them for advice, we listen to them, we eat and drink with them ”.

The ambassador’s desire when spreading the way to celebrate the dead by the seven thousand Mexicans living in Italy is that they transmit this tradition so that Italians can become infected and put an altar in their homes.

For this reason, it is sought that Italians and foreigners make this their own. party. “I hope that all Italians present here, put in their homes a small altar of the dead and begin to celebrate each year in the Mexican style this reunion, this day of coexistence.”

For Miguel Garcia-Winder, Ambassador to the Agencies of the United Nations, said he felt very excited to experience these traditions for the first time in Italy, highlighting that “little by little more is known about Mexico, where the day of the dead is differentiated and I believe that that is the special message that we celebrate the dead and this special religious syncretism that Mexico has ”.

The celebration was carried out with the presence of the folkloric ballet “Los Rancheros” from Susana moraleda with catrinas who danced the Zanduga, the Witch and the Llorona, as well as the music of the mariachi Tierra de México.

Part of the decoration was in charge of Ricardo Macias, Mexican artist who made a large ranch-style skull that was placed at the main entrance.

The Embassador Carlos Garcia de Alba announced that next Friday a parade of catrinas and catrines will be held for the first time in the center of Rome that will start from the Popolo Square and will come to Navona Square where the Cervantes Institute is located, directed by Juan Carlos Reche, who supported the collation of an altar for the dead in said Institute.


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