La Poste confirms the disappearance of the red stamp from January 1, 2023

It’s the end of an era. Indeed, La Poste has just announced the disappearance of the famous red stamp from January 1, 2023. Invoiced at €1.43, this stamp made it possible to send express letters in one working day. The company justifies its decision by the evolution of uses and “a very heavy energy balance”.

As you may know, Swiss Post is currently carrying out a massive digitization of its business. This is manifested in particular by the disappearance of classic stamps in favor of a digital version.

At the end of June 2022, for example, the company confirmed the end of the green stamp by next year. It will be replaced by an 8-character code that users will have to download online before copying it on their envelope.

However, in the perspective ofrespond to changes in the uses of its customers, reduce its carbon footprint and sustain the universal postal service”, the Post has just announced a complete renewal of its mail range. This notably involves the outright abolition of the red stamp as of January 1, 2023.

The red stamp bows out in 2023

According to Swiss Post data, the use of the famous red stamp has decreased over the years. French households sent 45 priority letters per year in 2010 on average, compared to only 5 in 2021. The company specifies that digital means such as emails or SMS have been adopted mainly for urgent shipments while the green letter is always chosen for everyday shipments (postcards, small parcels, administrative documents, etc.).

In fact and for urgent one-off shipments, the red stamp will be replaced next year by the red e-letter. It can be sent from the site (until 8 p.m.), printed by La Poste near the recipient and delivered the next day in an envelope “emblazoned with a red stamp design”.

This digital letter will be charged €1.49 and moreover, it will be possible on to consult its mail history. The company clarifies that users “away from digital will be able send a red e-letter from a post officevia a machine or with the help of an adviser.

deletion red stamp
Credits: La Poste

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The turquoise services plus letter, for large shipments

Among the other novelties, we also note the arrival of the letter turquoise services plus. It will be offered for large shipments requiring traceability (cheque, small goods, etc.) and will be distributed in 2 working days. According to La Poste, this new letter will make it possible, thanks to smart data, to access additional services such as sending tracking notification or a flat-rate compensation in the event of a delay in delivery. It will be invoiced from €2.95 (the price may increase depending on the weight of the items sent).

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