Lady Napoleon: Netflix announces a new original anime

Netflix Japan announced the production of Lady Napoleon, original anime created together with the mangaka Shin Kobayashi, a collaboration that had already been announced in February 2020.

The 13-episode anime series will be directed by Noriaki Akitaya (Bakuman., Active Raid, ORESUKI: Are you the only one who loves me?) At the studio Zero-G (Tsugumomo, Grand Blue Dreaming, Battery the Animation).

The synopsis of Lady Napoleon

Netflix will broadcast Lady Napoleon throughout the countries where the service is active, although no information on the release date has been revealed at the moment.

The action fantasy anime will focus on Sophie, a descendant of Napoleon and leader of “Lady Napoleon”, an organization bent on world domination. The great French general once had three sacred treasures (including weapons) and Sophie, his handyman butler (called Butler) and martial arts master Guy search the world for these lost treasures.

Who is Shin Kibayashi?

As ANN reminds us, Shin Kibayashi is a prolific author who has written numerous manga with multiple aliases. Under his real name, he wrote manga such as Kaze to Kaminari and Shima Kōsaku no Jiken-bo, while under the pseudonym of Tadashi Agi (which is a pseudonym for him and his sister Yuko Kibayashi), he is best known for the Drops of God manga.

His other aliases include Yuya Aoki (GetBackers), Ryō Ryūmon (Bloody Monday), Seimaru Amagi (original idea by Kindaichi Case Files), Hiroaki Igano (The Knight in the Area) e Yuma Ando (Psychometrer, Psychometrer Eiji, Sherlock Bones).

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