LAGOS presents a luxury bracelet for the Apple Watch that costs 6,500 Euros

I am not a lover of jewels. Sometimes I stop in front of an expensive jewelry store, to see what they have displayed in the window. I understand that the jewels are beautiful, some more than others, but I am hallucinating a lot with their prices. And then I am left wondering what can make a person wear such a pasture on a bracelet or a ring. After a few seconds, and when I see that I can’t find the tip of the ball, I stop thinking about it and continue on my way.

If you soon have a wedding or a very exclusive event and you do not want to part with your Apple Watch, now you can dress it up with a somewhat “exclusive” bracelet: A bracelet LAKES from the Smart Caviar collection. But prepare the portfolio, since the whim costs “only” 6,500 Euros….

The high-end jewelery goldsmith LAGOS has just presented its new collection of bracelets for Apple Watch called Smart caviar. In it we can find exclusive models such as the 18 carat rose gold bracelet that costs more than 6,000 Euros.

Known for its distinctive caviar pearl designs, LAGOS has developed Smart Caviar, the first fine jewelry bracelet for the Apple watch, to improve the appearance of the Apple Watch, and elevate it to the category of «jewel».

LAGOS has two new bracelets for the Apple Watch. The first is a bracelet 18k rose gold and stainless steel. The 38-40mm costs 1,900 Euros, while the 42-44mm costs 2,300 Euros.

But if these don’t satisfy your refined taste, you have the slightly more expensive option of the 18-karat sterling silver and rose gold diamond bracelet, which, as the name suggests, includes a diamond inlay on the bracelet and costs « alone” 6,500 Euros. Unfortunately, they do not offer discounts on “Black Friday”.

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