Lamborghini: the first 100% electric sports car is unveiled, here’s what you need to know

Lamborghini is going electric. The firm of Sant’Agata Bolognese is thus working on a first 100% electric model which should arrive by 2030. Here is what you need to know.

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As you probably know, the car market will be completely revolutionized by the 2030s. The European Parliament has indeed voted in favor of banning the sale of thermal cars by 2035. And it’s all car manufacturers that will be forced into a huge change towards 100% electric. An additional period is however added for car brands that sell less than 10,000 copies per year, as part of theFerrari amendment.

Lamborghini falls into this category, but the bull brand is already working on a very first 100% electric vehicle. This is the British magazine Coach who launches this big indiscretion. Because Lamborghini had never really planned to go electric quickly and the firm retains a tiny hope of missing out on the ban voted by the European Parliament. In particular because Lamborghini is still awaiting an official decision on this Ferrari amendment, which could give manufacturers a few more years to sell thermal cars beyond 2035.

Lamborghini is working on its first 100% electric vehicle

Anyway, Lamborghini is therefore already working on its very first 100% electric sports car. The first indiscretions are out and it is possible to know several things about this new model.

  • First of all, this first 100% electric vehicle should arrive in 2028.
  • The vehicle in question should be inspired by the concept car Estoque of 2008 and would take the form of a crossover 2+2.
  • The batteries will be installed under the floor to guarantee good road holding.
  • The price could be around 350,000 euros.
  • The vehicle could be called “Revuelto“. In particular because Lamborghini has already filed the trademark registration in May.

New crossover Lamborghini’s electric 2+2 will therefore arrive in 2028, and the Italian car firm may not stop there. Since the indiscretions also indicate that Lamborghini plans to launch a 100% electric version of its Urus. And this only a few years after the hypothetical Revuelto, in 2030 precisely.

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