Lanzadera Digital is committed to improving the traditional bus with its mobility solution

Celering just submitted your new mobility solution, Digital Shuttle. The pioneer company in dynamic shuttle in Spain bets on the virtualization of bus lineswhether public or company, improving their flexibility thanks to greater control and monitoring.

The Digital Shuttle allows transport companies or operators to obtain full traceability and information in real time. Reducing travel times, mobility costs and reducing the environmental impact. Adapting routes based on demand, in real time. In addition, users will be able to make travel requests through an app from their mobile phones.

This solution is especially relevant in companies or business centers that seek to improve their company shuttle service and allows:

  • Reduce mobility costs by 60% compared to private vehicles.
  • Save 25% more time compared to the traditional bus.
  • Obtain 100% flexibility for both the company and the employees.
  • Reduce by 95% harmful emissions from mobility.

In addition, Celering offers companies the Celering Transport Ticket that allows workers to co-finance round trips to and from work, accessing different advantages and tax benefits.

“Both the digitization of the company shuttle and the creation of a digital shuttle are the future of mobility for companies and their workers, they not only allow cheaper mobility and are as flexible as a private car, but they also allow companies to be more sustainable and responsible with emissions to the environment”, explains José María Campos, CEO of the company.

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How is it implemented?

First of all, Celering performs an initial analysis of the organization’s mobility in order to generate several custom-made scenarios. Next, the proposal of the scenario that offers the greatest advantages in terms of global and private mobility is made. Lastly, Celering monitors the service in order to make the necessary changes in order to improve the provision of mobility to its customers.

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