Lanzadera, interested in sectors such as the metaverse, the blockchain or AI

The startup accelerator belonging to Marina de Empresas, Lanzadera, has selected new teams for its January call, which innovate in current areas such as metaverse, the blockchain, artificial intelligence, or in sectors like health, sustainability, fashion, industry, education and design, among others.

Innovation in the world of entrepreneurship is going very fast, driven by digitization that has also accelerated. This is reflected in the companies we have selected, which stand out for their ability to add value with their solutions”, Explain Xavier Jimenez, CEO of Shuttle.

Since its foundation in 2013, Lanzadera has promoted nearly 900 startups and has provided more than 20 million euros in loans. Depending on their needs, the selected companies can receive from grants of 1,000 euros up to financing for a value of 500,000 euros.

Each startup is promoted in one of the four phases of the program:

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  1. Scale Up phase, for mature startups that have a proven and profitable model but need help reaching new goals.
  2. growth phase, to boost companies with potential but seeking faster growth.
  3. Traction phase, for early-stage startups.
  4. Start Phasefor entrepreneurs who are still shaping their project.

In addition, some of the startups selected in this call will collaborate with large companies through Lanzadera Corporate agreements.

Some of the selected companies

  • Inside Genetics is a platform that performs DNA tests and improves the well-being of its clients through advice on nutrition, training or prevention.
  • Aitister offers software for the creation of exclusive and high-quality natural textures for architects, interior designers and designers, generated in an unlimited way with artificial intelligence.
  • dock + It is a multisector tool that allows the user to actively trace their processes with blockchain and generate a new, smarter way of managing their traceability.
  • Baia is dedicated to the research, development and marketing of new foods and nutritional supplements that provide a specific health benefit.
  • Blackmouth Games has developed the Hit n’rush video game, with a player grouping and endgame mechanic that sets it apart from other games in the Battle Royale category.
  • bloobirds It is a market prospecting software that connects to the company’s CRM, with the aim of systematizing the process of generating business opportunities.
  • Blue Plasma Power converts waste such as plastics, biomass, foams, oils… into products with high added value thanks to its gasification technology.
  • Caira is an international education platform that connects students with educational institutions.
  • CLCircular makes real-time monitoring accessible in logistics, to reduce the loss of goods.
  • cake liners has developed a product that allows you to blow out candles hygienically and safely.
  • dcycle is the platform that allows small and medium-sized companies to manage their sustainability in an easy and intelligent way.
  • D Origen Coffee Roasters is a micro coffee roaster that selects, roasts and markets specialty coffees in the horeca channel, with its own farm in Panama.
  • dotnetsafer has developed a cybersecurity platform that enables companies to safely scale and maintain their software.
  • Euler Tools It is a real-time data platform so that users can build blockchain solutions or interact with existing ones with all the guarantees.
  • Fabric It connects the factories that work for the best brands with the final consumer and eliminates all the links that exist between them.
  • fideltour is a CRM aimed at hotels that improves online reputation, guest loyalty and direct sales.
  • filmijob is an HR software to automate selection processes, through the use of video and big data technologies.
  • foot analytics It provides any physical space with reliable, real-time information on traffic, capacity and people’s behaviour. He will participate in the Corporate of Acciona.
  • gopick is a platform for managing orders at events and entertainment venues. It allows the user to order and pay from their mobile and the restaurateur to manage orders efficiently.
  • Hobeen helps households reduce their spending on energy resources, achieving economic savings and a reduction in their carbon footprint.
  • Iberbox is a suite of services in the cloud that protects files and information for professionals, companies and public bodies.
  • Inuba has developed a 3D body scanner that generates an accurate reconstruction of the body, the information collected is used to build personalized training and nutrition plans.
  • Invofox uses artificial intelligence to extract invoice data in a fully automated way, in a matter of seconds.
  • Kimera Technologies has developed an artificial intelligence platform that helps transform visual content into useful data, for all types of companies.
  • lateua create 3D homes so people don’t have to imagine what their home is going to look like before they make a renovation or a change in decoration.
  • MAE Sports and Education is a free platform to access universities and boarding schools in the United States, aimed at international students.
  • McReif is an agency that generates predictive models with big data, predicts user behavior and allows marketplaces to anticipate sales and control stock. Mindsaic has developed a new way of digitizing processes through language and voice: it creates conversational artificial intelligences with which you can speak naturally. He will participate in the Corporate of Mercadona.

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