Laptops have gotten a lot better, but THIS is still horrendous

More than ten years ago I bought the first laptop of my life and since then, the industry has evolved a lot. They have evolved in performance, autonomy and benefits, but in one thing, they are still horrendous. It seems incredible, but the laptops still have pitiful keyboards which are worse than hitting a table.

We can buy a keyboard on the Internet that is much better than that of any “ordinary” laptop. Understand ordinary as a laptop for daily use, not laptops focused on gaming. Scissor type mechanisms are still used, which are horrible to type on, to the point of hurting yourself if you type a lot.

The insistence of scissor mechanisms on laptops

Throughout my life I have used quite a few keyboardswith different types of mechanisms. The best ones are based on mechanical switches, without a doubt. But I have used other types of mechanismsas are those of membranewhich I also liked, but I can’t with those of scissor mechanisms.

The less it is curious that in laptops commercials the teclates continue to be scissor. For me, it is very uncomfortable, it is practically the same as tapping a finger on the table. I understand that it is due to costs, because the scissor type keyboards They are cheaper than mechanical ones, usually. There’s no other reason, because there are currently low-profile mechanical switches that don’t change the size of the laptop.

We have seen how computers laptops have improved in everything. Laptops are thinner due to hardware improvements, as processors and graphics are more powerful and cooler. But, in addition, M.2 SSDs also contribute a lot in this regard, since they allow the thickness of the laptop to be reduced.

Another aspect that has improved a lot is the screens used by laptops. Thanks to the improvement of hardware and other advances, we have more and more autonomy (discounting gaming laptops). Connectivity has been improved and even the touchpads are better. But the keyboards are still truly horrible.

I do not use the laptop keyboard, unless necessary

I tried, at the beginning when I bought the laptop, to use its keyboard and in the end, I started using USB keyboards. I was lucky that when I was studying, we normally went to a computer room and I would take one of the keyboards from the classroom and connect it to the laptop. When I was at home, I used the computer one until I ended up buying one so I wouldn’t be removing and putting it on.

I still do, I still use a USB keyboard, but for different reasons. About a year ago I bought an ASUS TUF laptop with which I am delighted. One of the best things about this laptop is that it makes use of a very comfortable, high-quality mechanical keyboard. But since I’m using the closed laptop connected to a display, I need a USB keyboard, currently using the Corsair K60 with Cherry MX Speed ​​(which is awesome by the way)

I find it quite unfortunate that the scissor mechanism is still used, when there are better solutions. I think it is time to banish said mechanism and make the leap to mechanical switches. The price excuse makes little sense today, as there are so many options on the market. Yes, the Cherry MX are expensive, but there are the Outemu, Kailh and other cheap mechanisms that have a compact version.

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