Laptops with NVIDIA RTX 3060-3070 how far do they perform?

Get the most out of your favorite games

Lenovo laptops that have one of these graphics have a enviable performance and efficiency in every sense. They are graphics suitable for playing both 2K and 4K, although only some games allow it. This is something that will depend, in part, on the taste of each one and the settings we configure. But by making some tweaks we can play our 4K games and with a rate of 60 images per second. The latter in some cases may reach up to 188 fps, a delight for the most gamers. A very important factor is that both enjoy the Ray Tracing technology, which when activated and with graphics parameters adjusted correctly, can perfectly reach 1440p at a stable 60 FPS. This ray tracing technology has become very popular in recent years, as it gives the player a unique playable experience.

The characteristics of these graphics are exceptional, however, we will not be able to get their full potential if we do not have a suitable monitor. Luckily, the Lenovo that carry these graphics cards have a fully adapted display for them and that, in this way, we can get the most out of our laptop. One element to take into account is the temperature they reach, many may be concerned because a PC is not the same as a laptop, but it is not something you have to worry about at all, since the system’s cooling system It is of a high level and together with the fans they keep the temperature at a more than acceptable figure.

The DLSS technology will also be present. This allows to increase the performance of the graphics card to smooth the textures of the mapping. The Reflex system It is one of its virtues for multiplayer games, since it allows us to reduce latency to react faster against rivals.

In addition, these graphics cards feature optimizations for more than 25 games These include Nioh 2 and Horizon Zero Dawn among others that are well known to players. In the case of Grand Theft Auto 5, one of the games best known by users, we will reach an image per second rate of almost 100 fps in ultra mode. If we look at Cyberpunk 2077, which was quite controversial due to its status after its launch, we can reach almost 70 fps in the same ultra mode. Simply brutal performance for a laptop.

Gaming laptops with these graphics

Lenovo Legion

Having at our fingertips a laptop with the ability to run any kind of video game, including the most demanding ones, has never been so close. Lenovo offers us a wide range of laptops intended for gaming and content creators. The models that have these graphics incorporated are the following:

With any of these laptops there will be no video game that can resist us. They all have very remarkable properties and are designed to make the most of your favorite video games. Not only do they have a powerful graphics card, but they also have some very powerful batteries that will allow you to stay playing for hours. These are compatible with fast charging, so if it runs out there will be no problem, in a while you will be able to enjoy it again. The screen of some of these models is compatible with Dolby Vision so that visually be an experience. Sound is another of the great faculties of these models, with the intention of immersing the player in the adventure they have 2 stereo speakers and 3D audio.

With any of these laptops you will never need a console again. With the vast array of video games available for the computer, it will be difficult for us to decide what to play. The options are practically endless with the Lenovo Legion.

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