Largest Bank Of Brazil All Set To Start Ethereum Bitcoin Trading

Crypto has gained over a hundred million users. This is because of the guarantee of super-secure transactions. Cryptocurrencies, like other currency, depends upon a group of those who believe it has worth. Government banks create and manage traditional money like the US dollar. But the group that uses cryptocurrency makes and governs them. A record of the Bitcoin drops is saved on consumers’ personal computers all over the world at the same time.

Why Is Cryptocurrency So High In Demand All Around The World?

Bitcoin is independent digital money. It is not generated by any financial institution or government bank. They can be purchased and traded on cryptocurrency exchanges, displaying price fluctuations. For best Crypto trading platform check Bitcoin smart.

It is very easy to transfer bitcoin. And this makes it the reason behind its popularity.

Crypto Is Not Only A Currency But Also A Very Popular Investment

The value of cryptocurrency is another factor why individuals are drawn to it.   Bitcoin had a value of a few hundred dollars back in 2017. But now it has reached an all-time premium price of 62,000 dollars in 2021. This rate of growth is sufficient to attract individuals to invest.

Crypto Is Very Secure

Another factor that draws investors is privacy. Cryptocurrency is blockchain technology-based. And blockchain is known for its privacy and security. The transactions made are untraceable.

Charges Of CryptoCurrency Are Very Low

Everything is subject to charges by banks and financial organizations. You will be charged a fee if you go abroad or create a banking account. The cost of using crypto is fairly low, making it an excellent choice for a wide range of transactions.

Why Are Banks Interested In Cryptocurrency?

Major banks do choses to venture in a sector. But they do so because they sense a chance to make significant profits. Cryptocurrencies are overtaking an entire part of the market. And huge Wall Street corporations are expecting to profit handsomely. Cryptocurrencies like ethereum, cardano and bitcoin have been stable for a long time. There is a risk of volatility. But still major institutions will not back away from such possible benefits. Banks can earn huge amount of profit by assisting customers with crypto trading. This is yet another reason why banks are accepting crypto.

Nubank, Brazil’s Largest Digital Bank Starts Crypto Trading Services

Latin America’s crypto adoption surge is showing zero signs of easing down. NuBank is Brazil’s most valued digital bank. It will be providing crypto trading facilities to its customers. Paxos confirmed this on Wednesday. Paxos released a press statement on Wednesday. It said Nubank will begin providing crypto trading facilities to its members. It has also set aside one percent of its funds to buy Bitcoin. This demonstrates its faith in the digital asset’s long-term viability.

Nubank is the most well-known digital bank in Brazil. It has over fifty million members around Latin America. NuBank’s main company, Nu Holdings, is currently priced at roughly 17.4 billion dollars. And Berkshire Hathaway holds around 1 billion dollar in shares. Members will be eligible to use the new function through the Nubank application. It will only provide trading and holding facilities for Ethereum and Bitcoin. Their intentions is to enhance the services later. Paxos plans to make the feature available to all its clients by the start of august or july end. Paxos is a blockchain infrastructure startup. And it will provide security and trading facilities for the product. 

David Vélez is the CEO and creator of Nubank. He states that crypto use is increasing in the country and the embryonic market still appears confusing to many consumers. This is the void Nubank hopes to bridge with its newest offering. He says,  “we seek to strengthen our consumers by giving them authority over their money, at NuBank”. So, we created an environment that was easy and straightforward enough to open up new sectors. But its also solid and powerful enough for crypto experts.”


Latin America has overtaken the rest of the world in respect of Bitcoin acceptance. Chainalysis states this. Thanks in part to policymakers who are enacting crypto-friendly legislation. Brazil is the region’s largest country. And it controls over one hundred and twenty five billion dollar of the five hundred billion dollars crypto economy.

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