Last day of financing at 0% interest at Apple?

Financing 0%

If things do not change today, Thursday, July 29, the deadline for financing at zero cost is over by Apple on its website. This means that the Cupertino and Cetelem company that is in charge of financing purchases in our country could end this promotion today.

In this case it seems that we could see changes in the cost of financing if the promotion is not extended. Apple usually carries out this type of campaign for a long time and in this case it seems that the duration will be limited until today. Nothing can be confirmed until the day is over, but everything points to the end of the promotion.

They can extend the term whenever they want

It is clear at Apple that this type of promotion encourages purchases And it is not the same to pay in installments the exact price of a product than to pay more for the simple fact of financing it. In Cetelem they always have this type of promotion in conjunction with Apple and some resellers also apply this type of promotion from time to time.

This last quarter Apple’s sales have increased considerably as they have well shown in the financial results conference. Logically, this type of financing promotions at zero cost significantly help sales and in our country it is something that is usually done on a regular basis, although logically the conditions are imposed by the financier which is as we say Cetelem.

Apple may extend the term of this financing at zero cost, for now they continue to indicate today as the last day of financing without interest.

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