Last days! Zombie and horror games at 50% on the Epic Games Store

Some scary promotions

And one of the best offers that usually brings since it is open is the Epic Games Store, which from October 18 to November 1 has a very interesting selection of titles active with a theme that comes in handy for Halloween. Of course, although there are many that you can find on the store page itself (we leave you a link below), we have made a small selection of those that could interest you the most. Are these:

World War Z: Aftermath

Multiplayer set in the universe of the hit movie starring Brad Pitt, it will allow you to face hordes of zombies and demonic creatures with up to three friends. With this post-apocalyptic adventure you can return to this universe that so many of us fell in love with, At least until they deign to release the sequel in the future, hopefully not too far away. It arrives with a 50% discount and has gone from a cost of 39.99 to just 19.99 euros. So with these prices… impossible to resist!

Evil Dead: The Game

We went from a recent zombie movie to a cult classic of the horror genre. Based on the trilogy directed by Sam Raimi, Evil Dead, and the sequel series ash vs evil dead, This game combines cooperative and multiplayer PvP elements, which is sure to give you many hours of fun as you play as Ash Williams and his friends. With a 40% discount, it has gone from costing 39.99 euros to only 23.99. Quite a bargain, right?

Dying Light 2: Stay Human

As usual in zombie-themed games, we are presented with a post-apocalyptic world in which the walking dead have become the dominant species in the planet. With a very elaborate combat system and one of the best Parkour that we remember in the recent history of video games, you can get this title for only 35.99 euros after a 40% discount.

Back 4 Blood: Standard Edition

As you can see, Halloween in the world of video games belongs to the zombies. And in Back 4 Blood you’re going to have enough. A first-person action title with cooperative and multiplayer mode, it differs from others of the genre in that it gives you the option to enjoy its campaign as a survivor or as an infected. With the offer for Halloween you stay at 23.99 euros.

days gone

The most celebrated zombie title of recent years on PlayStation with the permission of The Last of Us and the resident Evil. Originally an exclusive to Sony consolesNow you can enjoy it while it makes you cry, laugh and kill zombies as if there were no tomorrow for the modest price of 19.99 euros.

And you? Are you going to buy any of these games?

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