Last hours to catch the offer of the best-selling SSD for PC!

When a product is the “best seller” in a category, it’s for a reason. And, when we talk about SSDs, a market that is crowded with literally dozens and dozens of different models, this can be a good indication of which model to choose, right? Well if also the best-selling SSD is on sale and you can buy it at a discount, much better!

In this case it is the Samsung 980 1TB SSD, an SSD that has been on the market for some time but is still a top seller thanks to the fact that it is still an excellent model for any type of PC. It’s a fast, durable SSD, and thanks to the sale, relatively cheap, too, so if you’ve been waiting for an excuse to upgrade your PC’s storage, now’s the time (among other things, because offer ends TODAY).

The 1 TB Samsung 980 SSD is on sale

This SSD has interface PCIe 3.0which means it’s “previous generation” (but it will still work fine on boards that have M.2 sockets with PCIe 4.0 interface, so don’t worry about that), which is an excellent excuse to users who have motherboards that support PCIe 3.0 SSDs to avoid buying a PCIe 4.0 and spending more to not take advantage of it.

Samsung 980 SSD

Despite being a previous generation SSD, it offers read and write speeds that exceed the capacity of its interface, reaching 3,500MB/s both reading and writing. Is there much difference in performance between this SSD and a current generation one? It really depends on what for, but if we are talking about a normal use of the PC, and especially in games, the difference is so small that it is not even worth considering.

This SSD incorporates Samsung V-NAND chips and protocol NVMe 1.4thus offering excellent durability and performance (as we have already seen), while its consumption is quite moderate (4.6W on average) and with temperatures low enough that you do not even need an external heatsink additional (it already has a nickel coating on the controller to help manage heat passively, although if your motherboard is one of those that incorporates a passive heatsink for M.2 SSDs, even better).

Offer price and availability

The Samsung 980 SSD model that is on sale (and we repeat that the offer ends today, so don’t think about it too much because tomorrow it will be back at its usual price) is the 1 TB capacity one, something not insignificant because with that capacity already gives you to be the main SSD of the PC, for the operating system, programs and many games without problems. You can find it at PcComponentes with an 11% discount.

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