Latest iOS and iPadOS 15.5 betas now available

The new versions of Apple’s operating systems seem to be closer than ever, since Apple, yesterday, released the latest betas corresponding to iOS 15.5, iPadOS 15.5, something that seems to indicate that in a short space of time all Users will have the final version available to be able to install it without any problem.

What do iOS and iPadOS 15.5 improve?

As expected, the Cupertino company has already released the RC version of both iOS 15.5 and iPadOS 15.5. This version is always the last Beta that Cupertino releases before launching the final version for all users. In fact, it is precisely this same version of iOS and iPadOS that, supposedly, within a week all owners of an iPhone or iPad will receive, unless there is an error and Apple has to correct it during these days.

Both iOS 15.5 and iPadOS 15.5 have been two versions that come to continue giving both the iPhone and the iPad this stability, fluidity and smooth operation that characterizes Apple operating systems. Obviously, in a beta that is just prior to launching the final version, it was not foreseeable to see news that Apple had not released so far. However, so that you are clear about the improvements that iOS 15.5 and iPadOS 15.5 will bring as soon as they are released to the public, we leave you a list of all of them below.

  • In Apple Podcast you will have a new configuration available that will allow you to limit the episodes that are stored on your computer.
  • Apple Cash customers will now be able to both send and request moneyfrom your own card, all through the Wallet app.
  • Fixed bugs and performance.

What’s new with Universal Control

In addition to the novelties that we have just mentioned, we must bear in mind one that corresponds to iPadOS 15.5 and macOS 12.4since in both operating systems, the “beta” tag that has accompanied the Universal Control function since its launch, it has disappeared. We’ll see if with the launch of both versions we see that this fantastic functionality has somewhat improved its operation, although in this sense it must be said that, although it was in beta version, there was not a single problem when using it.

sidecar and universal control

Sidecar (top) and Universal Control (bottom)

Let us remember that Universal Control is the function that allows all users who have an iPad and a Mac, meeting certain requirements, to be able to use the same peripherals, be it a mouse and a keyboard, or a keyboard and a trackpad, to control both. devices at the same time. It has been one of the star functions that Apple announced in the WWDC 2021 and that, despite all the expectation it created at the time, it has taken a long time to reach all the users who have the opportunity to use it. Now, after a few weeks, since its launch, in which, in theory, it was in beta, it seems that Apple has managed to polish those details that were missing in order to remove that label.

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