Latinoandina bets on Brother to boost its billing process

Distribuidora Latinoandina has decided to bet on Brother technology to increase its productivity and Reduce costs. Through Daisi Ofimática, a partner with whom he has been working for more than seven years, he has installed a monochrome laser multifunction printer DCP-L5500DN with him management software in the processes of printing, scanning and security of documents Kofax® Control Suite and the scanning function with OCR, has allowed him to reduce the time he spent per year in the management of delivery notes by 85%, going from 13 to 2 minutes up to date.

Before implementing this solution, Distribuidora Latinoandina had a person who was in charge of scanning, renaming and massively saving the more than 2,500 delivery notes that are generated per month, and that had to be saved in physical format to comply with government regulations for the delivery of the product to the client.

For this reason, and given the rapid double-digit growth it has experienced in recent years, Distribuidora Latinoandina needed a solution that would allow it to automate and optimize this process, in order to avoid errors and free up staff time so that they can dedicate it to more critical functions for your business, such as optimizing company logistics.

Through Daisi Ofimática and Brother, Distribuidora Latinoandina has deployed a solution that is perfectly adapted to its current needs, and that offers a competitive advantage, as well as a high level of service, flexibility and a better relationship between costs and benefits. By drastically reducing the time it used to spend managing delivery notes and invoices, the company has also seen a significant increase in productivity and significant cost savings.

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Renamed documents

In addition, the OCR technology built into the DCP-L5500DN printer, along with Kofax Control Suite, allows scanned documents to be correctly renamed in bulk based on the numbering and specific information of each document, and easily identify and separate each delivery note between paid or pending, depending on whether the original is sealed or not.

It also makes it easy to save files to their proper location, saving accounting and logistics department time. Likewise, the integration of the solution has been extremely simple, and the staff of Distribuidora Latinoandina has hardly needed training, since it has a complete user manual to answer any questions.

“Thanks to the support of Daisi Ofimática and Brother, we have translated the time savings into added value for our business and our employees, something that is essential to guarantee the continuity of our organization given the situation we are currently experiencing. In the coming months we will evaluate the extension of this technology to other tasks, as well as the deployment of other solutions to continue optimizing our processes”explains Luis Kuri, responsible for Logistics & Billing at Distribuidora Latinoandina.

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