Laugh at your walk with these Nike sneakers with emojis

New sneakers with emojis from Nike

It seems that the new slogan “Go The Extra Smile” it will replace its predecessor from now on. But, yes, without losing at any time the positivity that this manufacturer wants to convey.

To reinforce that message, Nike has launched what we might call a new ‘range’ of sneakers that recall their greatest successes. In addition, they all have something in common in some part of their body: the inclusion of emojis with a smile.

The models chosen to accompany this new launch have been the mythical Air Force 1, Air Max 90 and Air Huarache. Three pieces from its collection that, in all its aspects, have been among the best valued by users and, of course, a real success in sales throughout its history.

Taking the base of the Air Huarache, we find sneakers with a body based on the colors black and white. In addition, they add different details in yellow on the back, red on the inside and, of course, gold in the emoji that they incorporate on their tongue on the front. In this case, the sole is “normal” based on light brown (flesh color). Without official confirmation, the price of these shoes is expected to be around the $ 120 and can be purchased through its official website.

Then, another of the great acquaintances of the Nike catalog are the Air Max 90. Those that we find in this new family are, perhaps, the most striking versions of this model, with a base in which yellow and black tones stand out. Across its body we find different stripes or “patches” in various shades, with its logo present both on the sides (in white) and on its toe (in red). In this case, the smile emoji is somewhat more discreet, including on the side logo next to the entrance of the foot in the shoe. The sole, for its part, is finished in earth tones and yellow. We still do not know the official price of this model but, as is usual in others that take the same base, we expect its price to be around 150 dollars.

Last but not least, there are models based on the Nike Air Force 1. In this case we find two types of finishes, but both based on the white base, with details in black and yellow.

One of them plus minimalist, It incorporates a brown sole with 3 smiling emojis that rest on the end of the brand’s logo. And, on the other hand, there is a slightly more daring option that superimposes two Nike logos in different colors and, this same one, uses it to put the mouth to the smile of the two eyes of its upper part. This model will be around 100 dollars and they can be purchased on the manufacturer’s website.

These are all the sneakers with emojis that Nike is going to include in its Catalogue coming soon. With the popularity that these models usually have, and the inclusion of those icons, we have no doubt that many will want to have them and that they will appear in many shoe accounts on Instagram. And to you, what did you think? Would you buy them?

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