Launched version 133 of Safari Technology Preview

Safari Technology Preview

One more version of the experimental browser Safari Technology Preview was launched by Apple a few hours ago and, as on previous occasions, improvements in stability and security are added, in addition to correcting the bugs detected in the previous version and improving stability. In this new version that reaches 133, errors detected in the previous version are solved, errors in JavaScript, CSS, Form Validation, Web Inspector, Web API, Media, performance and the like are corrected.

We find it important and interesting that Apple continues to bet on this browser to experiment with it, leaving Safari as polished as possible in its official version. In this way, better and higher performance is achieved in the browser without directly affecting the use made by millions of users per day. Having many users using these trial versions of the browser helps the company itself to detect errors and improve the functioning of your browser.

This is an independent and totally free browser that can be used by everyone who wants and has a Mac, the more users try this browser, the more feedback Apple has for detect bugs in the browser and apply the necessary corrections. Also as we said before, to use itno developer account required And anyone can download it, just go to the developer website and download Safari Technology Preview. The Safari Technology Preview update is available through the Mac App Store for anyone who has previously downloaded the browser.

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