Lawyer Hulka’s 1×01 has a hidden QR code, did you notice?

Hulk’s cousin is a success

Despite the fact that its “beginnings” were not particularly good (surely you remember the barrage of criticism of its first trailer due to a CGI of dubious quality), the truth is that this anecdote has faded into the background. the premiere of She-Hulk: Lawyer She-Hulk In this way, he gives us a new TV series belonging to the UCM in which we will meet Jennifer Walters, the Hulk’s cousin, a woman with the ability to transform just like her popular relative.

The start has been, as we say, quite well received and many already catalog the title as one of the best in the marvelite universe, valuing that different touch inside of franchise with which above all you will have a great time. Fiction does not lack action, entertaining moments and nice dialogues, so it is not surprising that people are looking forward to seeing the second episode and see if this trend is maintained.

Of course, before moving on to it, we are going to test your observation skills with the question that we advanced at the beginning of this article: did you get to see the code QR What was shown in episode 1? Well, you know that you still have time to know what it hides.

She-Hulk’s QR Code

The code appears just a few seconds at startup. Jen is at a bar and walks into the bathroom after accidentally transforming into She-Hulk for the first time. Despite the briefness of the moment, the time was more than enough for more than use to notice her presence. The most astute will have verified in this way that Marvel He deliberately left this shortcut to none other than the first comic of this heroine.

She-Hulk QR

A free copy of Savage She-Hulk (The Wild She-Hulk) that all fans can enjoy on their devices just by following the QR link and that, at least at the time of writing these lines, is still available to anyone who is curious to read it (in English, that Yes).

In case you are interested, on Amazon they have the collection of the first 14 issues of the Marvel character, thus being able to know the real ones. She-Hulk’s originsthat they’ve changed compared to what was seen on screen. While on paper, an attack by gangsters forces Bruce Banner to give his cousin a blood transfusion to save her life (causing her to become the She-Hulk), in the series, both have a car accident and it is that moment when Bruce’s blood accidentally reaches Jennifer’s wound, causing the same result, yes: the ability to transform into the green woman.

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