Layoffs at Zoom and EBay leave 1,800 more people out of work

We started the week with layoffs from another tech, Dell. And the bleeding continues. Those of the companies Zoom and EBay will leave figures of 1,800 more unemployed throughout the world. These numbers leave us clear evidence of the economic situation that companies that bill large figures per year go through. The crisis has arrived for everyone, including them.

Zoom lays off 15% of its workforce

The Zoom Company rose to popularity during the pandemic of the Covid-19, when he offered the entire population that was then unable to leave their homes, the possibility of carrying out group video conferences and get closer to family and friends that we could not see, in addition to offering itself as a very useful work tool for teleworking.

Given this takeoff, the company gained in popularity and revenue, reaching triple its workforce in two years. Now the reality is different, and his evolution has peaked, something that has led him to take extreme measures to alleviate the situation.

Zoom announced last Tuesday that will lay off 15% of its staff current, that is to say a total of 1,300 people. Its executive president Eric S. Yuan, through a blog post, acknowledged his responsibility for this fact, also announcing that he would reduce his salary by 98% and waive his bonus.

In the blog post, Yuan claimed to have committed serious errorsby not properly evaluating the size of their work teams in order to guarantee sustained growth, something that would have prevented them from having to make this emphatic decision.

To its dismissed staff in the United States, Zoom has guaranteed 16 weeks of salary and medical coverage, annual bonus payments based on performance and priority access to shares. As for those laid off from other countries, they will have the same benefits but based on the corresponding legislation.

Zoom is the latest company in the technology sector to announce mass layoffs from a long list that grew during the pandemic and that have now been forced to take a step back.

EBay is already thinking of reducing its staff by 4%

The electronic commerce company EBay, based in San José (California), has announced, through a document delivered to the Securities and Exchange Commission of the United States (SEC) and its employees, that will lay off 4% of its workforce spread all over the world, a total of 500 workers. The company became popular for its ability and ease for users to purchase electronic products over the Internet, being one of the pioneers in this type of transaction.

In this sense, Jamie Iannone, CEO of EBay, announced that layoffs will be notified in the next 24 hours, although in certain places they will be subject to consultation taking into account local laws. Likewise related this decision to the global economic situation and the need to restructure the company to continue growing sustainably, something that leaves the door open to a new wave of layoffs in the company.

Jamie Iannone clarified that “importantly, this shift gives us additional space to invest and create new roles in high potential areas, new technologies, customer innovations and key markets, and continue to adapt to the economic, industry and industry environment. technology”.

Thus, EBay joins the long list of American companies to announce layoffs to deal with the situationsuch as Microsoft or Alphabet, which have already left tens of thousands of people unemployed.

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