Layoffs on Twitter are coming and will be massive

An email sent to employees confirms what the staff feared: layoffs on Twitter are coming and will be massive, as US media point to 3,700half of the workforce of the social network.

After striking down the great executives with whom he had maintained a media and judicial war during the months that the soap opera of the purchase operation lasted, now, unfortunately, it is the turn of the rest of the staff. He who pays sends and Elon Musk won’t be squeamish when trying to “monetize” the 44,000 million dollars paid. And we put in quotes because reducing talent is not usually an advantage, even if it is a standard decision of the ‘sharks’ on duty after these big operations.

Musk announced months ago a workforce cut of up to 5,000 employees, 75% of the entire workforce, no less. During the announcement of the purchase, he retracted that statement, but the layoffs on Twitter will still be considerable. Bloomberg reported this week that Musk planned to cut around 3,700 jobs, half of the template. The Washington Post, citing internal documents and interviews, reported in October that Musk’s plans to cut staff were moving in the same direction.

Twitter layoffs will be massive

“In an effort to put Twitter on a healthy path, we will go through the difficult process of reducing our global workforce”says an email received by employees, unsigned, but leaked by the New York Times. “We recognize that this will affect a number of people who have made valuable contributions to Twitter, but unfortunately this action is necessary to ensure the company’s future success.”.

The employees already manifested themselves months ago in a letter to the company’s Board of Directors. staff cutbacks «will harm Twitter’s ability to service the public.”. “A threat of this magnitude is reckless, undermines the trust of our users and customers in our platform and is an act of intimidation of workers”they pointed out in reference to the previous announcement of layoffs if Musk, as has ended up happening, took control of Twitter.

According to the leaked email, all Twitter employees will learn their employment status at 9 am PST on Friday, via an email with the subject line “Your Role at Twitter.” What a way to announce the dismissal….

And infrastructure cuts

It has also been known (via another leaked document) that Musk has ordered the Twitter teams to get up to $1 billion in annual savings in infrastructure costs. Analysts have warned that these cuts could put Twitter’s website and app at risk of downtime during critical events when users rush to find and share information, such as during times of crisis or major political events.

In this way the social media platform is looking into cutting back on the extra server space it maintains to ensure that Twitter can handle spikes in traffic. “Musk is willing to introduce that risk to meet cost-saving goals”said the source.

The future is not written, but we see black clouds on the horizon of the microblogging site. Or maybe there will be spare servers if users turn their backs on Musk’s changes. To be continue.

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