LCRcom incorporates new intelligent functionalities in its virtual MeetIP switchboard

LCRcom incorporates new intelligent functionalities to its virtual switchboard for SMEs, MeetIP, with which to face the new challenges that its businesses require.

Faced with the new needs demanded by small and medium-sized companies that are undertaking their digital transformation, the global telecommunications operator LCRcom, has incorporated improvements in its MeetIP switchboard.

With SMEs looking for next-generation solutions in mind, and to avoid an economic outlay on equipment or maintenance expenses in their unified communications, the telecommunications operator, belonging to Grupo Aire, has announced three new functionalities for MeetIP.

The first one is Smart IVR Plus, which allows to have an advanced automated attendant integrated with the management systems of the companies to automate any management in a first level of telephone attention. With this it manages to optimize the operational time of the telephone agents.

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For this, some tasks such as customer identification or management of orders or inquiries, using multi-frequency digits (DTMF) or voice recognition, are solved quickly by directing them to the best person.

The second of the improvements is the new functionality Smart IVR Basic, designed for customers who do not have a business management system, such as ERP or CRM, to integrate with their databases and business data through APIs. This system allows you to create databases imported into Smart IVR Basic and establish a series of conditions to identify and direct the call more precisely when it is answered.

With these improvements, MeetIP advances in its benefits as a virtual switchboard when it comes to providing SMEs with a solution appropriate to their needs to be more efficient. As José María Prian, Director of Business Development at LCRcom explains, “We have not stopped promoting it with new functionalities and services that allow us to say that any SME that wants to advance in its digitization process in the field of unified communications has in MeetIP the best possible solution”.

In this sense, the person in charge highlights that it is a proposal for which it is not necessary to invest in equipment or face additional electricity consumption, hardware maintenance or obsolescence.

MeetIP drives mobility

There is no doubt that mobility continues to permeate companies and in the case of SMEs it is no exception. Therefore, a third functionality that MeetIP now incorporates is Communicator Web. It is a new web softphone, a tool for the extension of the switchboard connected to a PC or mobile device, which allows to have the telephone extension through the Internet browser.

This opens up great possibilities for those professionals who work outside the office and who can thus have their telephone extension available without having to invest in specific equipment or facilities.

With this, LCRcom goes one step further by guaranteeing Mobility and the offshoring work of professionals without having to integrate new devices, offering additional value to companies and their clients. This is pointed out by Rubén Lanuza, Head of Cloud Products at LCRcom, for whom “Being able to receive personalized attention, giving autonomy and immediacy in telephone management, are items that will enhance both operational improvements and business value and loyalty”.

These three new features incorporated into MeetIP virtual switchboard, scalable and constantly updated, will allow companies to improve their productivity thanks to the ability to connect telephony with other solutions to offer better service and have an optimized workflow.

All this guaranteeing security with encryption protocols to guarantee protection and improving the capacity of work groups.

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