League of Legends: how to test champion Nilah on PBE

With the reveal of Nilah’s abilities last Wednesday (22), many League of Legends players are already looking forward to playing with the champion. It is certain that the character arrives at the MOBA only in the patch 12.13but there is a way (already available) to test it in-game: by PBE.

For those who don’t know, the PBE is the League of Legends test server. There, you can try out new champions, debut skins, or even test game changes in advance. If Riot understands that the launch was successful on the PBE, it will push the changes to the public version of LoL.

And one of the news that has just arrived for the test server is Nilah, the 161st character in League of Legends. Anyone who is too anxious to wait for the official launch in the first half of July, is already qualified to test the champion.

How to test champion Nilah on the PBE

PBE requirements

The only problem is that some processes will be needed for the experiment. The first of these is to have an account that is eligible for PBE enrollment. The prerequisites are:

  • Account with no current ban
  • Have honor level 3 or higher

If these requirements are up to date, it will be possible to proceed with the method to test Nilah in the fields of Summoner’s Rift.

How to Sign Up for League of Legends Test Server

To gain access to the server, you must first complete the registration. For that:

1 – access this link by the browser.

two – Click on “Login”.

Image: Reproduction/TecMasters

3 – Log in with your eligible Riot Games account.

How to play in League of Legends PBE - Step 2

Image: Reproduction/TecMasters

4 – Click on “Check my eligibility”.

How to play in League of Legends PBE - Step 3

Image: Reproduction/TecMasters

5 – Once that’s done, set a username and password that will be used to log into the PBE. Afterwards, click on “Sign me up”.

How to play in League of Legends PBE - Step 4

Image: Reproduction/TecMasters

Finally, you will need to choose between Windows or Mac versions to download the PBE server. If you already have League of Legends installed on your PC, log in with the account you created for the PBE to download the installation package from the test server.

testing Nilah

After downloading and entering the lolzinho test server, there will be a few steps left to finally test the champion Nilah.

If it was your first login, you’ll need to go through the tutorial — three relatively simple steps.

How to test Nilah on PBE - Step 1

Image: Reproduction/TecMasters

Finally, comes the last pre-test step: acquiring resources to buy the champion. It is recommended to join a TFT 1 vs 0 match and then exit to collect the 3000 daily RP bonus. After that, just enter the store and buy Nilah.

How to test Nilah on PBE - Step 2

Image: Reproduction/TecMasters

How to test Nilah on PBE - Step 3

Image: Reproduction/TecMasters

Later, it will be possible to (finally) test the champion in-game. As there is no alternate choice mode, choosing Nilah is likely to be a difficult task. Fortunately, there is the possibility to test the character in a custom match.

Nilah, League of Legends champion

Image: Reproduction/TecMasters

From there, just master the gameplay with the champion to be ready when the official launch happens.

Good testing, summoners.

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