League of Legends: Nilah has revealed abilities; check out

A week after getting a reveal trailer, Nilah, the next champion coming to League of Legends, finally had her abilities revealed. This Wednesday (22), Riot Games released details about the character’s skills kit, the 161st to arrive in the MOBA.

The character will be the first melee shooter (melee) of lolzinho, which will certainly bring news to the fields of Summoner’s Rift. Without further ado, she checks out the future League of Legends champion’s skill kit.

Passive – Eternal Joy

The new champion amplifies nearby allies’ healing and shielding abilities. If an ally heals or shields Nilah, he will receive the same extra buff for himself. If allies heal or shield themselves near the champion, Nilah will also receive additional healing or shield.

Additionally, every time the champion kills a minion, she and her closest ally will gain the normal amount of shared experience plus half the experience that would be lost due to sharing.

Q – Shapeless Blade

The skill’s passive not only causes damage from attacks and abilities against champions to ignore a fraction of their armor, it also causes some of that damage dealt to heal the champion. This effect scales with critical strike chance and converts excess healing into shields.

The skill’s active allows Nilah to use the Shapeless Blade to attack in a straight line, dealing damage to all enemies hit. If the skill hits someone, the champion’s attack range and attack speed will be buffed for a short time, causing them to splash in a cone shape and deal additional damage.

W – Joyful Veil

Nilah wraps herself in a Joyful Veil that grants bonus movement speed, reduces magic damage taken, and causes the champion to dodge all basic attacks for a short time. Allied champions who touch the Veil will also receive the buffs, but this will make the skill last less.

E – Whirlwind

The skill, which has two charges per stack, allows the champion to charge through a target unit dealing damage to all enemies it passes through. The skill can be cast simultaneously with Shapeless Blade for even more damage against opponents.

R – Apotheosis

Nilah unleashes a wave of power, attacks with her whip in an area, and pulls enemies to the center during the final blast. Part of the damage dealt heals the champion (and any excess heals are converted to a shield). This effect scales with critical strike chance and is granted to nearby allies.

Nilah is about to arrive in League of Legends

According to Riot Games, Nilah will land on lolzinho in patch 12.13, which will be released on July 13th. This means that there are only a few weeks left for players to finally test the champion in-game.

Patience, summoners.

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