League of Legends: Strong champions that are out of the meta

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To win League of Legends victories, or at least try to, players usually opt for the strongest champions of each patch. However, the truth is that some dolls that don’t appear as much because of the meta can still be stronger than they appear and guarantee a good fun.

the team of TecMasters analyzed some numbers, matches and brings below a selection of two champions per lane that are considered off-meta and don’t appear so often in the competitive scenario, but that are strong and good options to win some games in League of Legends.

Before getting into the games, remember that we are just leaving some suggestions of what can be fun and what is strong, but that often depend on the player’s affinity level with the champion. Therefore, we are not responsible for lost PDL or for that light feed.

Without further ado, check out the strongest champions of the moment that are not considered part of the League of Legends meta in patch 12.5!

top lane

The top has been pretty much dominated by Riven, Tryndamere, and Kennen (in the competitive scene), but some bruiser champions and even more tanks can be good options.


Not even the change in fighter items ended up benefiting Urgot, at least in terms of popularity. Despite this, the champion has a win rate of approximately 52%, and the main rune used for it is the “Press Attack”, which helps him deal more damage in lane trades.

The items used in the champion may vary slightly. The first item to be closed should be the “Huskbreaker”, which is still very strong even after the nerfs. After the same, the mythical item to be bought must be the “Gauntlet of the Ice Ray” or the “Turbo Chemotank”, which will help more when it comes to chases.

Image: reproduction/TecMasters

After the items mentioned above, players should still make the “Titanic Hydra”, which will deal AoE damage and help clear waves of minions.


Illaoi, despite not appearing in the competitive scene for a long time, has always been a terror for some players. Already after receiving a buff, many people have returned to use the champion of the void more, which is in a good moment.

The main rune used by players is the “Grip of the Undead”, which helps the champion gain more health and have extra healing. In order to have more peace of mind in the lane and annoy the opponent, the skill “Spirit Test (E)” is the one that should be leveled.

Illaoi (Top) - League of Legends

Image: reproduction/TecMasters

His build is pretty much the same as other top lane fighters. The first item to be closed is the “Shakebreaker”, while the mythical item with the highest win rate is the “Divine Rupper”.


The jungle, on the other hand, brings some surprises that have been taken advantage of, in other patches, on the top route.


Since being reworked, Mordekaiser has been used most of the time in the top lane, but he has a good kit for ganks and can sometimes even save teammates from almost certain death.

Due to its more bruiser nature, the main rune used by Mordekaiser in League of Legends is “Conqueror”, and this does not change in the wild.

Mordekaiser (Jungle) - League of Legends

Image: reproduction/TecMasters

In terms of items, the mythical one to go for is “Crearifts”, although the “Hextech Explobelt” is not a bad choice. The build can be completed with a “Rylai Crystal Scepter” and a “Demonic Embrace”, items that will leave the beloved “King of Metal” with damage and plenty of health.


Unsurprisingly, Riot Games wants to do a rework with Shyvana, who recently appeared in the top lane at CBLoL. However, it is in the jungle that the champion has had an increase in her win rate since the last patch.

The rune most used for the champion is the “Press Attack”, which helps her at the time of exchanges to deal more damage. Despite that, her build is a bit different from mages who just want to blast their champions, as Shyvana only gets really strong when she takes her dragon form and uses the “Burning Breath (E)” ability.

Shyvana (Jungle) - League of Legends

Image: reproduction/TecMasters

The mythical item for players to craft is the “Gauntlet of Ice Ray”. After that, players should do the “Demon Embrace” and then move on to more tanky items like the “Armor of Warmog” and “Armor of Thorns”.

mid lane

Mid lane has a lot of mobile champions in the meta, but even those who don’t have that much mobility can still be a hassle.


In the past, Cho’Gath has been heavily used in mid lane, but recently the champion has been a little forgotten and has only made sporadic appearances at the top as a tank. In the last patch, in the mid lane, Cho’Gath had a significant 3% increase in his win rate.

The main rune to use is the “Grip of the Undead”, which makes the famous lizard even more tanky while granting him extra damage.

Cho'Gath (Mid) - League of Legends

Image: reproduction/TecMasters

The mythical item to be purchased is the “Glacieterno”, which grants an extra CC. For the rest of the build, players can purchase a “Warmog Armor” and a “Demonic Embrace”. However, if the confrontation is easy, “Zhonya’s Hourglass” and “Rabadon’s Death Hood” are great options.


Rumble recently underwent a buff that improved its amount of armor. Despite facing more mages in mid, this buff also increased Yordle’s win rate with his robot in this lane.

The rune to be used by Rumble in this lane is the “Arcane Comet”, which helps the champion deal damage every time he hits an ability. Here, keep in mind that Rumble can suffer a bit at first against ranged champions, so only go for it when your opponent misses a skill or gives you an opportunity. If you’re in an easier fight, the “First Strike” rune can also be used.

Rumble (Mid) - League of Legends

Image: reproduction/TecMasters

The mythical item to be rushed by players is the “Hextech Explobelt”, which helps Yordle have more movement speed for chases. The legendary item that should be part of the build is the “Shadow Flame”, and finally, players can opt for more magic penetration items or ones that grant Yordle a little more health.

bot lane

Going into the League of Legends bot lane, it’s possible to see unconventional picks or even marksmen that haven’t been seen in a while. Not that they can take the place of Zeri, Vayne or Jinx, but depending on the game – and the player’s mechanics – they can be good options.


Rest assured you didn’t get lost: Veigar is really strong in the bot lane. Of course it won’t work like a regular marksman (basic attacks and all), but its scalability for late game makes it a great APC (ability power carry).

For the doubters, the 54.72% win rate might be a good indicator that it also works in the bot lane. According to statistics, the runes with the highest win rate have been “Electrocute” with Inspiration in the second tree.

Veigar (Bot) - League of Legends

Image: reproduction/TecMasters

The build changes little from the itemization used in mid. The preference is for the “Glacieternal”, but the “Crown of the Shattered Queen” can work if you have a lot of damage on the other side. “Rabadon”, “Zhonyas” and “Dark Flame” are great options to finish the build.


The other option that escapes the meta seen in the competitive landscape is Twitch. With an incredible 53.04% win rate, the mouse was greatly benefited after the changes that diversified its builds. Although its power spike is mid-game, it continues to do damage in longer matches.

AP itemization is an option, but as the focus is to move up the link, it’s worth opting for the AD build — which has been a preference. There’s not much of a secret: it’s “Fatal Rhythm” in Primary and a “Dominate” tree in Secondary.

Twitch (Bot)- League of Legends

Image: reproduction/TecMasters

Regarding itemization, “Mata-Cráquens” will be the best option for most games. Next, it is recommended to invest in a “Sword of the Ruined King”, “Hurricane of Runaan” and, of course, an “Infinity Edge”.


The last of the suggestions in the list goes to the support route. Is the League of Legends lane being dominated by peel wizards that heal in patch 12.5? Certainly. But other champions, which can even deal a lot of damage, have also appeared in SoloQ.

Renata Glasc

The first of them is Renata Glasc. The champion appeared in patch 12.4 of LoLzinho and still divides opinion. It’s true that damage may not be your main virtue — although haters might dispute that — but your skill kit is extremely useful, especially your W skill.

When cast, its runes focused on skill damage for lane pokes. However, according to statistics, a build based on strength and protection may be the best option for now.

Renata Glasc (Sup) - League of Legends

Image: reproduction/TecMasters

Regarding the build, go for “Locket of the Iron Solari” as a mythical item. Subsequently, it is worth investing in utilitarian items such as “Redemption”, “Burning Thurible” or even a “Fimbulwinter”.


The champion has already figured in the bot’s route in other times, but it seems to come back with everything in this League of Legends patch. With a win rate of 53.4%, Taliyah can be a good support pick, but it will require the player to be aggressive and have their skill shots up to date.

Don’t even think about “Electrocut” on the runes. The preference has been for an “Inspiration” primary tree, based on the “First Strike” rune. “Sorcery” may appear in the sub-tree.

Taliyah (Sup) - League of Legends

Image: reproduction/TecMasters

Finally, itemization will be damage based. In practice, this means going for a build of “Glacieterno”, “Dark Flame”, “Rilay’s Crystal Scepter” and, if the game allows, “Morellonomicon”.

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