League of Legends: The strongest champions of patch 12.9

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Nothing new under the Sun: another patch comes to League of Legends and brings changes, news and… meta changes. Anyone who is a MOBA player knows that there is barely time to get used to an update and Riot Games has already arrived with a new update to renew everything that has been learned.

In this sense, patch 12.9 released last Wednesday (11) included nerfs and buffs to champions, changes to items and runes, and mini reworks of Olaf, Taliyah, and Pyke. Also, the suggestion for those who have not been aware of the changes is to check the summary of the update through this link.

That said, we from TecMasters we put together an updated list for you with the best picks for each route League of Legends. The deal is the usual: the suggestions were based on SoloQ numbers and we won’t be responsible in case of eventual defeats due to lack of finger, huh?

Without further ado, check out the top suggestions for doing well in this new League of Legends patch.

Best Top Laners

While “Smackers” has gone through more changes, only one champion has changed from what has been seen in the last few patches.


Olaf has undergone a partial rework in this patch and the changes Riot Games made to it have already seen the champion gain some popularity and traction in League of Legends. In runes, as with other free trade champions, players have been opting more for the “Conqueror”.

Image: reproduction/TecMasters

The mythical item most closed by players has been the “Force of the Trinity”, but the “Stepbreaker” also proves to be a good option for the “active” granting movement speed. The second item to close should be the “Dance of Death” followed by a “Sterak’s Sign”.


The famous angel of League of Legends has been demonstrating its strength for a while and its numbers remain very stable with a win rate of approximately 53%. The main rune used has been “Fatal Rhythm”, which grants that extra attack speed and even a greater range, things that go well with the champion’s kit.

Kayle (Top) - League of Legends

Image: reproduction/TecMasters

Unlike most champions, instead of starting with the mythical, the first item in Kayle’s build should be “Na’Shor’s Tooth”. After the same, players can buy the “Criarifts” and other AP items, not to mention a “Limit of Reason”, which has proven to be very efficient.


In a League of Legends meta where fighters are strong, it would be very difficult for Riven to be left out. In runes, the main choice has been the “Conqueror” which helps the champion recover some health based on the damage dealt.

Riven (Top) - League of Legends

Image: reproduction/TecMasters

As for itemization, to recover even more health, players have been successful with the mythical “Hemodrenary”, which must be followed by the “Dance of Death”. Despite these being the items with the highest win rate, the “Black Cleaver” can also be a great second choice.

best hunters

The jungle lane has more strong options for patch 12.9, with two champions seen below having undergone recent changes.


Since receiving a small buff, Wukong’s numbers were already showing growth, but this patch alone has the champion solidified in the wild with a little over 52% win rates. As with other fighters, in order to buy practically any fight, the most used rune in Wukong is the “Conqueror”.

Wukong (Hunter) - League of Legends

Image: reproduction/TecMasters

The mythical item that goes best with the champion is the “Divine Ruptor”, which must be followed by a “Dance of Death”. After these two items, just go after more health and damage to leave Wukong a bruiser, who will hardly die.


After gaining prominence in the previous patch, Nocturne kept pretty much the same numbers for League of Legends’ 12.9 patch. The best rune for the champion at the moment is “Conqueror”.

Nocturne (Hunter) - League of Legends

Image: reproduction/TecMasters

Despite being considered an assassin, Nocturne has had more success with a bruiser build. He starts with the mythical “Stepbreaker” and then goes to the “Dance of Death”. The final items can be either damage or tanks, and this will vary from game to game.


Taliyah was another champion who received a partial rework in League of Legends with the latest patch and, like Olaf, showed that she is pretty strong. The rune that has worked the most for players is “Dark Harvest”, ideal for dealing more damage to champions that are already low on health.

Taliyah (Hunter) - League of Legends

Image: reproduction/TecMasters

Taliyah’s build is pretty much the same as seen on other mages. The best mythical item at the moment is the “Luden’s Storm”, which can be exchanged for a “Glacieterno”. Other items include “Dark Flame” and “Zhonya’s Hourglass”.

best mid laners

Another lane that has some surprises is the mid lane, and Ahri, despite continuing to be present, lost the throne of best mid laner.


Yes, once again, Taliyah appears in this list of the strongest champions in League of Legends, but she has some differences from what is done in the wild, at least in the rune. With a win rate of over 53% and a pick rate of over 8%, the best rune for the champion in mid is Electrocute.

Taliyah (Mid) - League of Legends

Image: reproduction/TecMasters

Its itemization as a mid laner is the same as seen in the jungle. So, start with the mythical “Luden’s Storm” or “Glacieternal” and move on to items that grant more “Ability Power”.


Swain underwent a partial rework in the past patch, but it’s only now that players seem to have found the best way to utilize it, as its numbers have soared and continue to grow. In mid, the main rune used is the “Gradual Rush”, which helps the general to have more mobility after having hit his skills.

Swain (Mid) - League of Legends

Image: reproduction/TecMasters

Unlike other mages, Swain has a more bruiser build. The mythical item to close is “Liandry’s Anguish”, which must be followed by a “Demonic Embrace”. Made these items, a “Hourglass of Zhonya” is recommended along with other items that grant life, such as the “Spiritual Countenance”, which increases the healing granted by the ultimate.


Although her win rate has dropped a little, Ahri remains one of the most picked champions of this patch and continues to do a good job. The main rune used is the “Electrocute” so that explosive damage can be applied when the champion hits her engage.

Ahri (Mid) - League of Legends

Image: reproduction/TecMaster

In itemization, mythical item must be “Glacieterno”, which can be followed by a “Horizon Focus” or “Dark Flame”. Once these items are done, close a “Zhonya’s Hourglass” and set off in search of more “Ability Power”.

best shooters

The arrival of patch 12.9 did not bring significant changes to the League of Legends bot lane. Proof of this is that several picks used in MSI 2022 — which is based on patch 12.8 — continue to be among the best choices for this update in ranked queues.


In this sense, there is no way not to put Lucian on this list. During the MSI group stage, the champion was banned 33 times — which hints at his current power. That’s because he has an extremely powerful early/mid game, in addition to having a good mobility kit.

Currently, Lucian has a win rate of 51.99% on SoloQ. About runes, just the default: Press Attack and a secondary tree based on Inspiration.

Runa Lucian, League of Legends champion

Image: Reproduction/TecMasters

Speaking of itemization, “Rice and Beans” includes a build based on Gale Force, Essence Reaver, and Infinity Edge.


If Lucian is being the most banned in the international League of Legends tournament, Jhin is being one of the most picked. And this is also being reflected in ranked queues (52.17% win rate), mainly due to its large range, damage and follow-up on initiations.

Players have preferred a primary rune based on Dominate and a secondary rune based on Sorcery.

Runes for Jhin - League of Legends

Image: Reproduction/TecMasters

About the build, it’s worth investing in a Gale Force, Collector, Smoke Cannon and an Infinity Edge.


Yes, the mouse closing the best shooters list means a mirroring of the 12.8 patch suggestions. But it’s hard to dispute the numbers: despite not having appeared on MSI yet, it remains a great option for the chaos of ranked queues, with a 52.53% win rate.

At least in the runes there was a change. The preference for Press the Attack was left behind and gave way to Fatal Rhythm.

Twitch Runes - League of Legends

Image: Reproduction/TecMasters

If you don’t make an AP mouse in the bot lane, opt for a build based on Crackkiller, Runaan’s Hurricane and Lord Dominik’s Memories.

best supports

Finally, it’s time to suggest the best supports for League of Legends patch 12.9. Many of these picks have not been seen on MSI. But those who know LoLzinho know that at SoloQ the conversation is different. That is, it is possible to move up a link without the need for an engage sup.


Healing, movement speed, damage and crowd control. This is the kit that justifies Sona as the first support suggestion on the list. In fact, the champion has been standing out in the ranked queues with an incredible 54.69% win rate.

To annoy the opponent in the lane and be a little more resistant, opt for runes based on Sorcery and Determination.

Sona Runes - League of Legends

Image: Reproduction/TecMasters

Take the paper and pen to note the itemization: Locket of Iron Solari, Quimtech Putrifier, Archangel’s Staff, and Burning Thurible.


The Dark Glaive buff would already be a good reason to put Senna on this list. But her high level of damage and the possibility of different strategies, combined with a win rate of 53.8% are other good factors that justify choosing the champion.

The Willpower-based primary rune makes Senna more tanky, but the preference has been for a Sorcery tree.

Senna Runes - League of Legends

Image: Reproduction/TecMasters

As for the build, invest right away in a Shadow Glaive. Afterwards, buy an Eclipse as a mythical item and finish the itemization with Smoke Cannon and Lord Dominik’s Souvenirs.

Renata Glasc

Like Senna, Renata Glasc currently has a 53.8% win rate on Solo Queue. The last support to land in Leaegue of Legends has an interesting kit, whether to engage or to turn the tide of a battle after enemy startup.

Anyone who wants to follow the community’s preferences should use Resolve and Dominate-based runes.

Renata Glasc Runes - League of Legends

Image: Reproduction/TecMasters

Speaking of build, choose between Locket of Iron Solari or Battle Hymn of Shurelya as a Mythic item before purchasing a Quimtech Putrifier and Redemption.

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