League of Legends: Update 12.6 summary

League of Legends is constantly updated by Riot Games to strengthen or weaken champions, items and even runes so that matches don’t get unbalanced, or at least that’s the intention. After almost a month without major changes, patch 12.6 was released this Wednesday (30).

The list of changes, like last time, isn’t that big, but it does bring nerfs to some champions that were out of the loop and changes to items with lifesteal mechanics. Next, check out what were the main changes in League of Legends in patch 12.6!

Champion buffs, nerfs, and tweaks

Riot Games decided to buff 4 champions in League of Legends patch 12.6, which is something different from what was seen in patch 12.5, where only two champions had been buffed. See the buffs:

  • Azir – staggering increased health;
  • Darius – minimum true ultimate damage increased;
  • Jax – increased base health and increased W magic damage;
  • Nidalee – W and E have undergone changes to their mana cost and action radius.

The League of Legends nerfs of this patch are focused on two champions, who are appearing very often in the competitive landscape. These are:

  • Hecarim – Q and E skill damage decreased;
  • Tryndamere – Decreased time to enable E after a decreased critical hit. The ultimate also has a longer cooldown.

In the “tweaking” part, Riot Games has fixed a number of Illaoi bugs, including a change to make her ultimate more effective. Not only that, Rengar has undergone a small rework where he can now have more critical hit chance with Q. In addition, the “kitty” has also had his other abilities modified to have more “vision” of units.

Changes to items and runes

In League of Legends, since mythical items were implemented, players have had more options to last longer in matches. Changes have now been made, mainly to lifesteal items, which should be nerfed. Look:

  • Immortal Shieldbow – decreased lifesteal, increased shield amount in late game and slightly improved passive;
  • Blade of the Ruined King – lifesteal decreased;
  • Vampiric Scepter – Lifesteal decreased.

As for runes, the changes were even a little more drastic. For starters, the “Veroz Hunt” has been removed and will be replaced by the “Treasure Hunter”, which grants more gold to the champion when their “stack” is obtained.

The amount of healing from “Agility on the Feet” has been increased and gained the ability to scale a little more with ability power. In turn, the lifesteal of “Legend: Bloodline” has been decreased.

skins and chromas

League of Legends update 12.6 arrives with 6 skins, and the theme addressed is battles, which grants futuristic armor to champions. Check out the gallery:

As it couldn’t be different, the new skins also arrive in the game with some chromas. Look:

League of Legends mythical content rework and other changes

League of Legends Update 12.6 also marked the end of “Gems” and “Prestige Points”, which will now only count as “Mythic Essence”. The explanation of how the new system works can be found in this page from the game’s official website.

The patch released today (30) also brought other bug fixes. The complete list of what has changed can be found here. link.

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