Leaked! Former Bethesda Employee Reveals Starfield Details

Whenever a highly anticipated game is looming on the horizon, it is inevitable that there will be a veritable barrage of leaks and rumors about it. With starfield, this could not be otherwise. The detail here is that the latest leaks about space gaming come not from just any internet user, but from a former Bethesda employee.

Unraveling Starfield

In a sequence of posts on the ResetEra forum, user “Hevy008” revealed that he worked until very recently at the studio – as a character designer – and made a series of comments about the in-house games, with a special focus on Starfield details.

First, the artist said that most of the rumors that circulated this week about Skyrim’s successor, The Elder Scrolls VI, are false. Afterwards, he went on to talk about Bethesda’s new space franchise, including its graphics and gameplay.

“Shooting is cool, flying is terrible at the moment, […] it’s not fun for me. The lighting and stuff is getting better and better, although it’s not at the level of Horizon Forbidden West or anything like that, but it’s still a pretty good game.”

Image: Bethesda

“Hevy008” also said that Starfield has more and more content being added to the game. In his words, it would be such abundant content that the developer may choose to cut out some things to be able to launch the game on the stipulated date.

The former Bethesda employee also said that he thought the engine used in the project was crap – more in terms of development, not the quality of its results –, that the company is a great place to work and that Todd Howard is very charismatic, even on a daily basis.

Did you say more than you could?

Okay, but why trust that a random ResetEra user is really a former artist from the developer? Basically, because journalist Jason Schreier, one of the most well-connected behind-the-scenes guys in the gaming industry, confirmed that the guy actually worked at Bethesda.

This endorsement by the Bloomberg reporter made netizens take seriously the information shared by “Hevy008” and point out the fact that, until now, the ability of players to manually pilot their spaceship in Starfield had not been officially disclosed.


Image: Bethesda

Based on the commotion generated by the leak and realizing that he may have said more than he should have, the artist requested the cancellation of his account on the forum and that the admins delete all his posts there.

starfield has a launch scheduled for November 11, 2022in versions for Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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