Leaked Moto Razr 3 Images Reveal Major Redesign

Evan Blass, one of the best-known leakers in the mobility segment, has published through the 91mobiles website two photographs of the Moto Razr 3 in which its appearance can be clearly appreciated.

Blass explains that the Moto Razr 3, codenamed Motorola Maven, has been totally redesigned to look more like the Galaxy Z Flip 3 than the previously released Razr and Razr 5G models. The third generation of Motorola’s foldable smartphone is now slightly squarer and has relocated the fingerprint sensor to the power button.

Moto Razr 3

At the camera level, Motorola will try to improve in this aspect by incorporating a dual configuration on the back, thus following what was done by the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3. These cameras include a main 50-megapixel and f / 1.8 aperture along with another wide-angle and macro sensor with a native resolution of 13 megapixels. For selfies, there is a 32-megapixel camera that has been introduced through a hole in the upper part of the screen, something that has been common to see for a long time.

It appears that the company initially intended to launch two variants of the Moto Razr 3 or Motorola Maven with different Snapdragon 8 SoC models, but delays in SoC deliveries could have altered its plans, so it’s unclear how it will end up proceeding. regarding the possibility of launching different variants of the device. For now the proposed configurations would have 8 or 12 gigabytes of RAM and 256 or 512 gigabytes for data storage. (Obviously, a percentage is reserved for Android, the operating system).

Moto Razr 3

The Moto Razr 3 could start selling in China between the end of July and the beginning of August this year in two colors: quartz black and calm blue. Shortly after, the global launch should take place, although the price at which it ends up being sold will have to be seen.

As we can see, the Moto Razr 3 aims to be an important evolution within Motorola’s line of folding smartphones, it could even be a turning point for the brand. However, and despite the media noise, folding smartphones are still a product that does not quite catch on among users, or what comes to the same thing, they are still something more niche than mainstream.

In addition to the features, we will see if the Razr Engine 3 or Motorola Maven contributes something in evolutionary terms within the segment, which has been weighed down by things such as the questionable durability of the screens.

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