Learn about the key technology to revolutionize your processes in the IO Link industry

Having or not having the data of the manufacturing lines impacts on the control of their processes and on their evaluation, this affects large-scale decision making in the business.

We realize that having information to alert us and prevent an unexpected production stop becomes crucial.

To face this challenge, strategies have been developed in the industry, among which a communication protocol called IO Link stands out, this protocol is oriented to level 0 devices, such as sensors, primary components and actuators.

Can you imagine that a sensor can warn you when it is losing its sensing field, its limited life time and the need for replacement?

Do you think it would be incredible that the same article generates an alarm for loss or communication failure?

What does IO Link technology offer?

IO Link came so that we could stop working blindly at level 0 of automation since with this technology we can obtain information about the indicators of the devices, ranging from a failure to the life time that it has left.

It offers users the opportunity to know the status of level 0 devices, their correct operation, their important indicators, and an advantage is the time it saves in terms of maintenance as it offers the possibility of saving device profiles and making a plug & play replacement, directly impacting the OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) of the machines. Knowing the criticality of processes in the industry and how important it is to prevent downtime, IO Link was designed so that from level 0 the operation can be monitored and efficient processes generated.

This is what IO Link offers, without the need to review the device directly in the field, all monitoring is from the SW platform.

0mron has developed a broad portfolio with IO Link technology that offer the benefits of this new way of controlling, configuring and monitoring level 0 mechanisms, since our primary IO Link devices in Omron enable the customer to monitor conditions, detection of faults and recognition of instruments, which will allow you to know what is happening and take action.

Reduce maintenance times, monitor, detect faults, configure devices automatically and anticipate unexpected downtime with Omron IO Link devices.

For more information visit this site and you will know the range of products with IO-Link that Omron has for you:

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