Learn how to change the battery of an iPhone

Learn how to change the battery of an iPhone

Over time, the batteries of our phones degrade, so it is important to know what we have to do to change the battery of an iPhone.

So in this article, we will try to explain the principles of changing iPhone batteries: how to do it, what security measures to take and what to do after the change.

Verify that your battery is really damaged

check your iPhone battery

Before venturing to change a battery, which is a somewhat cumbersome process, it is best to make sure you really have a bad battery and that the error you are having is not being caused by some program or application that you have on your phone.

So before trying anything, it is best that you see the health status of your iPhone’s battery. To do so, you must enter the Battery Health section, which you can access from Settings/Battery/Battery health.

If the percentage it shows is close to 100%, the battery is in good condition. So we advise you to restart the phone or do a factory reset if this doesn’t work as the battery conflict is being caused by something in the software.

Although there is no specific percentage at which you should change an iPhone battery and battery degradation can vary depending on various factors, including use and iPhone model, we can consider that from a value lower than 80% we are facing a battery in the process of degradation.

Pay a visit to your Apple Store

If you have an Apple Store nearby, it doesn’t hurt to pay it a visit. At the Genius Bar they will take great care of you and verify that the problem you are having is indeed caused by the battery, in addition to being able to offer you to make the replacement themselves, guaranteeing that the parts will be 100% original.

This is very important, although it may not seem like it, since not all batteries meet the same quality standards and are not without danger: using a battery in poor condition or poorly designed carries a series of risks that we will see later. .

And if you don’t believe it, ask Samsung what happened to the Galaxy Note 7 due to a design error in the battery, which ended up becoming the company’s biggest nightmare and quite a reputational loss during its launch year.

Considerations of which battery to buy

Low-quality or counterfeit batteries may have poor performance and a shorter lifespan compared to original Apple batteries.

They may not provide the same charge capacity and life as a genuine battery, plus represent a serious danger to your safety. A battery that is not in good condition could overheat, lose some of the chemicals inside and even cause an explosion in case of internal risks, as in the video that we show you below.

Therefore, if you are going to buy a battery, the minimum is to ask the seller if he has quality certificates and to provide them to you. Another thing that we advise you is that Leaks from all the batteries that promise “miraculous abilities” far above what the manufacturer of your phone itself puts.

Trust me, if it were possible, Apple would have already put more milliamp batteries in your phone, so don’t trust any manufacturer that promises more capacity in the same space. It is very unlikely that using the same material, lithium, a manufacturer can get twice the performance occupying the same space as the battery you currently have installed.

Risks of changing the battery of an iPhone by ourselves

iphone charging

In addition to the risk of the battery itself, changing the battery of an iPhone on our own entails a series of considerations that we should take into account:

  • If it is under warranty, it cancels it.. So if your phone is under warranty, go straight to Apple for a replacement.
  • If you don’t know what you’re doing, there’s a chance irreparably damage your device. For example, the order of the screws and their position in the iPhone must be strictly respected, since if you insert a slightly longer screw where it does not touch, you could break a track on the motherboard, giving rise to an irreparable phone.
  • Wear or tear of external physical components: always use tools that allow us to guarantee that we will not damage our mobile when opening it. Avoid solutions like blow drying or using a knife, which are not intended for phone repair.

Let’s get down to work: we are going to change the battery of an iPhone

risks of changing the battery of an iPhone

Now that we know what it takes to change a battery on the iPhone, let’s get down to business. The steps that we are going to give you are very generic, but we believe that it is necessary for you to be clear about the steps.

Before opening a phone, whatever it is, we advise you to have the right material on hand:

  • Screwdrivers: You will need a star for the internal screws and some called Pentalobe, which are shaped like a 5-pointed star and are used to remove the two from the bottom.
  • Suction cups, to separate the iPhone screen from the chassis. They are very useful.
  • Guitar picks or opening levers: They are used to introduce them through the corners of the terminal.
  • precision tweezers: to be able to reach the most difficult areas of access for the fingers of a user.
  • Antistatic wristband: Believe it or not, with the static electricity that the body generates, a current can be generated some 500 times higher than what is necessary to break certain electronic components.
  • Heat guns or a heater like the iOpener: necessary to dissolve the adhesives with which phones are sealed to make them waterproof.

You can buy all these elements together or separately online, in packs like the one we leave you here so that you have all the materials.

Once you have all this material, we advise you to take a look at the iFixit guides, which are very complete and will show you step by step how to open the terminal, carry out the repair you need, and how to close it correctly.

If you want to see a complete battery change process, we recommend that you watch this video from Willtech to get an idea of ​​the steps you will go through to change an iPhone battery.

Conclusion: changing the battery of an iPhone is somewhat complex, but possible

As you have read, we can change the battery of our iPhone with some complication, and it depends on how skilled we are, we can do it more or less quickly.

As always, we recommend that you do your research and report steps from reputable sources like iFixit, who have been tearing down phones for a long time, and do everything calmly and calmly.

And if you don’t see yourself qualified, nothing happens. You can always go to a trusted technical service that will make the change safely and with all the guarantees so that you do not have to worry about doing it.

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