Learn How To Edit Video With These Powerful Premiere Alternatives

The truth is that at the moment we have at hand a good amount of software specially dedicated to these tasks. As in many other sectors, there are programs that are more widespread than others. While in relation to Photoshop photo editing of Adobe It is perhaps the most popular proposal, in the video we can mention Premier of the same firm.

When we talk about this particular program, we actually mean a powerful application and one of the most advanced video editors. Used by professionals from all over the world and is part of the suite Creative cloud. To all this we must add that it is a software that has been with us for a good number of years. This means that the experience accumulated over time by Adobe, makes Premier Pro adapt to current users. In fact, the program has been forced to renew itself to adapt to new technologies.

But this is not the only software that we can use in this sense, since there are many other very interesting proposals as we will see below.

What a video editor must have to compete with Premier

When looking for an alternative to the powerful Adobe program, in order for it to truly be considered a competitor, it must meet a series of requirements. Otherwise we would talk about other editors, but they have nothing to do with Premier Pro. How could this be otherwise? video editor It should have more functions and features, that is something we must take for granted. On the other hand, these programs must have a sufficiently complete and updated user interface. All this in order to help users of all kinds to deal with their video content.

But these software solutions are not only aimed at the ordinary user, but must also have the most advanced functions. The objective of all this is quite clear, since these alternatives must perfectly cover the needs of professional users, as with Premier. Here we talk about functions such as chroma, masking all kinds of effects or motion tracking. It is also important that these alternatives are sufficiently optimized to make a moderate consumption of the PC resources.

And to finish we have to talk about the purchase costs, one of the most conflictive parts of Adobe software. We say this because they must be affordable programs for the majority, whether it be subscription mode or acquisition of the final product.

Alternatives to the Adobe Premier Pro video editor

Compete or outperform a Program We talked about the importance of the Adobe giant later in these lines, it is not an easy task. However, software developers can use other elements to attract the attention of users. Whether at a functional, appearance or price level. Not everyone can afford a subscription to Adobe products, so they choose to look for other types of software for video editing. Of course, these have to have some basic functions and characteristics, as we saw previously. Zolpidem

Cyberlink PowerDirector

Let’s start with an interesting proposal for edit videos that has also been around for a good number of years and that you can download from here.

This is an application that may be more than familiar to many of you due to its widespread use. It is a program focused on video editing that has both basic and advanced tools. Elements such as masks, chroma, or dynamic frames are included. To all this we can add a clean and intuitive design in its interface. It also includes mosaics of motion graphics and effects with one click. You can purchase the program with a subscription starting at 51.99 euros per year.

Cyberlink PowerDirector

Sony VEGAS Pro

This is considered as another of the biggest competitors of Premiere that has a multitude of functions for the treatment of audio as well as video. It also includes functions related to audio editing, color degradation and a multitude of visual effects. At the same time, it is a great tool for all types of users. What we can point out in this case, for example compared to the previous one, is that here the Interface it is a bit more complicated to understand.

Sony VEGAS Pro

That does not mean that it does not work well or is not efficient, but it will take a little longer to get used to its use. What is worth noting is that it is very customizable. If we want to try all this first-hand, we just have to download the program from here. Its cost is 449 euros if it is a new acquisition of the title.

Corel VideoStudio Pro

Next we find another good solution that you can download from this link that puts in our hands hundreds of effects and filters for use. Perhaps it can be considered that this is a program more suitable for the home user than for professionals. It provides us with a clean user interface and allows us to use templates to make editing work easier.

Corel VideoStudio Pro

But at the same time it has functions more advanced such as the possibility of working with sequences of 360 degree or creating keyframes. We can acquire a license for this particular video editor for a final price of 69.99 euros.

Wondershare Filmora

In the event that we are new users in everything related to the video editing sector, this Adobe Premier Pro alternative is very interesting. You have the possibility to try this program from here with a subscription plan that starts at 39.99 euros per year. This is software that aims to bring almost professional functions to new editors. This is largely achieved thanks to its simplified interface and functions.

Wondershare Filmora

It is also worth knowing that you have more advanced tools such as motion tracking masks, green screen, or color gradient. At the same time, it also helps us when it comes to publishing or sharing the personal projects that we have developed here.


Here we are faced with another excellent proposal for video editing that will surely make many happy. Among other things we say this because it is an open source project that we can download for free. For this we only have to download the corresponding executable file of the program from this link. And it is that open source software is very interesting for many reasons.


Starting because it is free, passing because it is easy to modify at the source code level. Shotcut is a great example of this, we are talking about a fairly complete editor but that we can improve with third-party add-ons. In this way we will have a complete personalized video editing toolbox. All this is in addition to the basic and more advanced functions that this software solution offers us.

FX Home HitFilm

Next we will talk about another powerful alternative that wants to compete directly with Adobe Premier Pro. Specifically, it is Hitfilm, a software merges the editing of the videos with the application of the visual effects. For all this, it uses the same user interface in which, in addition, without reaching a good number of additional functions. All this we will have in the possibility of testing it just by downloading the software from this link.

The title is offered in both a free and a paid version, so at the same time it adapts to all types of users, both novice and advanced. In fact, we can assure you that the free version includes almost everything necessary for these video editing jobs that interest us here. If we already want to delve further into the world of professional publishing and effects application more advanced, we will have to opt for the paid version.

FX Home HitFilm

In the same way, here we can add new functions and effects independently with a wide variety of prices in each of these accessories.

What is the best alternative to replace Premier Pro

In these lines we have talked about some programs that can be considered as the most interesting to replace the popular Adobe Premier Pro. However, as is the case in most software-related industries, we found some significant differences between the different solutions. It is not easy to take on a program of the magnitude of Premier Pro, but there are several developers who try. We have talked to you about some of the most important characteristics of each of these proposals, as well as the sector to which they are directed, or the aspect that they present to us.

Therefore, at this point, we could say that the most interesting alternative to Premier video editing solution is Cyberlink PowerDirector. This statement is mainly because here it is a program that in the first place is aimed at all types of users. Therefore it is valid for both domestic and novice as well as for the most professional. Try to adapt to all these also offering an intuitive user interface for those who are starting in these struggles. In turn, we can highlight that it has functions and characteristics indicated for both types of use.

It is true that the proposal Sony VEGAS Pro It is also very powerful and valid for all types of environments, but as we mentioned before, its user interface could be a bit confusing for those who are starting in the sector. To finish we will tell you that the program called ShotcutSince it is an open source project that will always be of interest to many.

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