Learn how to fix these frustrating Discord problems

Discord is not a foolproof program and there may be situations where we cannot install it. At other times we can find a problem that the screen turns gray and white. In addition, we can suffer from dreaded connection problems that make it impossible to communicate with other players. In general, we do not talk about problems that should appear frequently, but we do find them in certain situations and we must know how to act. And it is that, although the appearance of any of these problems can make us put our hands to our heads, you should not panic. To do this, we have selected a series of actions that we can take to solve it.

Discord installation failed, what to do?

Sometimes we can find an error message in Discord indicating that the installation has failed when we try to install the application. To fix this, Microsoft has a tool called Installation troubleshooter and uninstallation of programs that can help us to automatically repair any problem when installing or removing programs. It also fixes the corrupted registry keys to eliminate the problem. We can download this application for free from this link. It works from Windows 7 onwards.

Troubleshooter for installing and uninstalling programs

We can also test delete Discord AppData folder from our PC. To do this we must press the keyboard shortcut Windows + R to launch the Run command and type% appdata%. Once the location is open, we look for the Discord folder. In case it does not appear, we must show hidden files and folders from the File Explorer. Once located, click on it with the right button and click on Delete. Once this is done we check that the problem has been resolved.

Delete Discord folder

The cause of the problem is derived from not having updated to the latest version on NET Framework from Microsoft. This software has been developed to be used by most of the new applications created for Windows, so having an outdated version of it can cause the error when installing Discord on our computer. For this reason, we must click here to download the latest version available and run it.

The installation error may be due to a problem with our antivirus you have detected it as a possible threat and continue to complete the installation. To disable it, it is possible that its icon is located on the taskbar, so we right-click on its icon and choose the option to close the program. Later we run the Discord installation file again to see if the error is resolved.

Fix connection problems

If Discord is locked on the connection screen, there are basic actions we can take. The simple act of closing and opening the application may help us to solve it, as well as restart the PC. We can also check the status of the servers from the Discord status website to see if there are any problems with service interruptions. Also, looking for new updates available can be of great help to us.

If this doesn’t work we can try change DNS. To do this we press Windows + R and write ncpa.cpl to open Network Connections. We right-click on our network adapter and select Properties. Subsequently we select Internet Protocol version and click on the Properties button. Next, we check Use the following DNS server addresses. Finally, we write in Preferred DNS Server and on the Alternate DNS Server.

Change DNS in Windows

Another possibility goes through reestablish network connections. To do this we write cmd in the search box of the Start menu and run the Command Prompt as administrator. Next, we write the following commands to execute them one by one. Once we finish we restart the system.

netsh int ip reset C:/Resetlog.txt
netsh winsock reset
ipconfig /flushdns

If nothing works we can choose reinstall network drivers. To do this, press Windows + I and open the Settings section. We select “Network and Internet” and then in Network and Internet settings we must click on “Reset network” at the bottom of the screen. This will take us to a new screen, where we click on the button Reset now and in the confirmation window, we click on «Yes». We restart the system so that Windows detects the network to which we are connected and we check if it can connect.

Restart network reset

White and gray screen problem

Discord can sometimes show a gray screen while loading the app. To solve it we can try delete Discord folder in AppData. To do this with the application closed, press “Ctrl + Shift + Esc” to access the Task Manager. We right-click on the Discord processes and click End Task to kill the open processes. Next, we press Windows + R and write % appdata% to open the Roaming folder in AppData. We look for Discord and delete it. Finally, we restart the application.

Delete Discord folder

We can also test change Discord compatibility. To do this, we right-click on the application’s shortcut and select “Properties”. Later we click on the “Compatibility” tab and check if the box next to “Run this program in compatibility mode” is checked. We select “Windows XP (Service Pack 2)” in the list of options. Finally, we start Discord and check if the problem has been resolved.

Discord run in compatibility mode

If we still have no solution, let’s try log in to Discord via the web, because many times the error is solved as soon as we open the web version. To test, we open the Discord application and when the gray screen appears, we launch the web version by clicking here and log in. This should reset the Discord app account to start working properly.

Open Discord from browser

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