Learn how to process the guarantee in Coolmod of your hardware or peripherals

It is very possible that if we mention Coolmod to the most enthusiastic of PCs, it sounds familiar to you, not in vain they have been dedicated to hardware and the specialized sale of products dedicated to modding and liquid cooling for more than 20 years. And if you have recently bought something and it is beginning to fail, we tell you in advance how you can process the product warranty return through Coolmod.

As we have already mentioned on occasion, but it is good to remember, as of January 1, 2022, a new regulation has entered Europe that regulates everything related to product warranties, therefore, what we acquire from that date comes to have a three-year guarantee. It should be noted that this is not retroactive, so if something was purchased in 2021 or later the product will continue to have its 2-year warranty.

How to process the guarantee in Coolmod

Coolmod in terms of information on its website, although everything is correctly detailed and explained, we do not know if it could be cataloged within the online hardware stores with the “easiest procedure” in terms of managing the so-called RMA or warranty. A priori, nothing automated is seen to lighten the process for the client, and the information predisposed in its information section at the bottom of the page is plain text that does not make it much easier to quickly find the information, which the prospect may remember. of a drug.

If you have had a problem with a product purchased from Coolmod, either to make use of the product warranty or the withdrawal of purchase if the case arises, the first thing we will have to do is access the Coolmod website and enter our customer account using the credentials with which we buy and search for the order where we have the product to be processed in question and once we have located it, follow the following steps.

these are the steps to followRMA Coolmod

We go to the bottom, where the product or products listed will appear.
And we hit the button Process warranty. This will take us to the section Return either for a return or warranty process, since they make no distinction in the process at this point.

Once we start the process, we will have a short form where we will have to fill in the first instance with the product serial number, the number of items to return, as well as briefly explain the problem regarding the product to be processed. Once this form has been filled out, more fields will be opened to fill in for the processing actions that we prefer, whether it is payment of the product or exchange for another product, where this section is exclusive if the product cannot be repaired or replaced by another equal.

As soon as we have filled in the information, the information for the collection of the product would be autocompleted and the process would be completed by clicking on the button “process”. This would generate a RMA number, that after being accepted by Coolmod they will send us an email with the management number, a very important number since without it Coolmod does not accept any return and that this number must be placed visibly on the outside of the box, as indicated in its management instructions that appear on its website.

Although it is possibly not the fastest and most automated procedure, it is a fairly common and uncomplicated method to carry out the process of returning products under guarantee to Coolmod.

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