Learn these HomePod secrets

HomePod Secrets

The new generation of HomePod includes software news that makes the user experience satisfactory, especially if you are within the Apple ecosystem. Next, we are going to highlight some features of this second generation HomePod.

space sensor

White HomePod

The gap sensor is capable of analyzing the location where it is located, that is, the space sensor, what it does is reflect the sound towards the area where it has more space to expand the sound, reaching the listeners better. For example, if we have the HomePod attached to the wall, the sound will be emitted to the opposite side.

We also have a accelerometerThat is, if you change the position of the HomePod from one place to another, this sensor will re-analyze the place in which it is located and will re-adapt the audio expansion towards the optimal zone.

multi-zone sound

HomePod black

If we have several HomePods in the house, we can put two different sounds in each zone, that is, if you have a HomePod in the living room and another on the work table, you can make the HomePod play the same song on both devices. However, you can also do the opposite effect, that is, each HomePod plays a sound different so that two people can enjoy different audio.

Finally, we cannot forget the possibility of creating a stereo pair in the event that you have two HomePods in the same space and you want them to be synchronized to generate higher audio quality. Thanks to this stereo pair, it reproduces sound in a much more enveloping and harmonious way, providing a greater user experience.


new black HomePod

He intercom It allows us to send a message to all the HomePods that we have in our house through our iPhone, Apple Watch and iPad. We can establish or restrict it from the home application and we can even activate or deactivate one of them so that the message or reminder is not heard in a certain room. Finally, this function is very interesting with the Apple Watch, since we can send a message or call for HomePod to quickly communicate to the other HomePods or just one of them.

Music Transfer and Find My iPhone

It is a solution that is very focused on those users who have the Apple ecosystem. This option allows that if you approach the iPhone from the Apple Music application you will be able to transfer the music that you have from the iPhone to the device or vice versa. Also, you can stop cast the music bringing the iPhone closer to the music device and pressing the mobile device or vice versa. If you want to stop the music, you have to click on the “stop file transfer” option

Along with the ability to send music, we can also ask Siri to help us look for the iPhone in our house, contacting the search application, so that, it will emit a sound until we find it.

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