Learn to program in Python in 4 hours with this free course from Microsoft

For personal or more professional reasons, many users want to learn everything related to application development and programming. This course of python that Microsoft offers us and that we will talk about, will be very helpful.

Before we dive into the vast industry of development-focused software, we need to be clear about a few things. The first thing is the environment towards which we want to go, as well as the platforms on which we are going to focus. We must bear in mind that there are certain basic concepts that we must know in order to later choose the programming language which we are going to start with.

Likewise, there is a huge number of people who already have certain knowledge in this sector and want to expand it, either for personal growth or to find a job. Over the years, everything related to programming has not stopped improving and offering us new and more powerful alternatives. This is the case, for example, that we find different languages ​​that we can choose depending on our tastes or needs.

Here we find some more complex than others, although one of the reasons that prevail in this choice is its use. Precisely for all this, we are going to talk about an interesting free course with which you can learn to program in one of the most requested languages ​​at the moment, Python. It is true that it is a veteran programming language that has several decades among us.

Learn to program in Python without spending a euro

However, largely thanks to many of its functions and virtues, its use in all types of environments has not stopped growing. Due to all this and in the event that you are considering the possibility of learning Python, we are going to make things much easier for you. And it is that we will talk about a course that comes to us from the prestigious firm Microsoftand from which we can benefit without having to pay a single euro.

Likewise, we must bear in mind that it is a course that we can complete in approximately 4 hours and that it is divided into several very important sections. It is essential to take into account that this is a course that we can start even if we do not have prior knowledge of Python. From there we will be learning about subjects such as the use of chains, the operations maththe most important functions, the lists and loopsand much more.

All this will give us the opportunity to develop our own applications in this programming language or become part of bigger projects. As you can imagine the completion of this course will not open many professional doors for companies requesting Python developers. To take advantage of all this that we have told you, all you have to do is open a session in your favorite web browser and access this Microsoft page.

From there, at the bottom of the interface we find a button that says Start so that we can begin our process of learning the Python language.

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