Learn to program quickly and easily with the new Raspberry Pi code editor

If we want to learn to program, either to find a job opportunity, to create our own applications, design web pages or simply to satisfy our curiosity, we can find a large number of courses on the Internet to do so, however, not all of them are focused on users who have come close to programming in their lives.

Taking the first steps in the field of programming can be more or less complicated depending on which tool we use. Not only must we consider which programming language is the best option, but we must also analyze which IDE is the one that best suits the language we are going to use and our way of working.

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has just introduced a new online code editora code editor designed so that users who want to enter the field of programming can do so quickly and easily, since it does not require any type of configuration, it is an online editor via the web, where we can write or paste code to test it.

The user interface is very simple, so it is not necessary to access the documentation of this new Raspberry project that is still in beta phase, so its performance may not be the best at certain times. The interface is very simple, as we have mentioned, since it is focused on users, both large and small, who want to take their first steps in the field of programming. It includes basic explanations with examples to quickly introduce us to code creation.

Supported languages

At the moment, the only programming language compatible with this editor is python, one of the most widely used programming languages ​​in the world. But, according to what they say from Raspberry, it will not be the only one, since they are working to be able to offer support to web programming languages such as HTML, JavaScript and CSS, essential languages ​​for the development of any website and which are considered ideal for delving into programming.

According to the Raspberry Pi Foundation, in addition to offering support for web programming languages, they also plan to add support for sharing projects and being able to work collaboratively on the same code. We can use this code editor on any computer, no matter how old it is or even on a Raspberry Pi, a safe and accessible editor adapted to all kinds of ages, both for the youngest who are interested in this field and for adults who want to start to take their first steps.

This new code editor from the Raspberry Foundation is available through the following link and registration is not required, however, it is recommended if we want to save our progress, although we have the possibility of downloading the code as well as copying it to the clipboard without any kind of limitation.

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