Learn to use the dynamic shuttle step by step

The dynamic shuttle just arrived in Spain. It’s about a shared transportation service which has already established itself in cities such as New York, with more than 100,000 daily users, Tokyo, London or Berlin. In our country it has been established by Celering, a Spanish startup specialized in offering mobility services to cities, companies and individuals.

The dynamic shuttle works with a technology based on Artificial Intelligence algorithms that represents the latest trend in mobility. In addition, this DRT (Demand Responsive Transport) technology allows to carry out a mobility shared by travelers with similar routes.

Cities are increasingly congested and polluted. A private vehicle means suffering traffic jams and assuming costs. In addition, public transport is not a viable solution for many people due to time issues, in Madrid, for example, the average time spent going to and from work is more than one hour.

This new way of traveling, with driver and shared vehicle, it is the ideal solution to problems such as crowds, traffic jams, public transport schedules and, at the same time, it allows reducing pollution and improving the quality of life in cities by facilitating the movement of citizens.

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“A change is essential, a change for the better. A smart change, which allows improving the mobility of urbanites. Thanks to Celering this is already possible “says José María Campos, CEO of the company.

Keys for its use

Users request the service or route through a mobile app available on iOS and Android. In the request, the user can indicate the time you would like to arrive at your destination or the time you prefer to go out.

With all the data, Celering technology generates the route that allows the customer to collect and arrive at the destination in the most efficient way.

Once the user chooses his route, he will receive a notification with the confirmation. Finally, the driver picks up the passenger less than 500 meters from their location.

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