Leatherette or fabric? This is how the new NewSkill gaming chairs for PC are

One of the worst things to do when buying a PC is to ignore the small details that surround the work area of ​​the PC. This not only includes a good desk on which to mount the PC and its peripherals. But also the health of the user and that is with a lifestyle as sedentary as the one that is usually carried out. The fact of having a poor quality chair can mean that our back suffers. That is why choosing a good chair like the Neith and Neith Zephyr that NewSkill has just presented is key. Let’s see how these new gaming chairs are presented.

Neith and Neith Zephyr, Newskill gaming chairs

Newskill Neith

The Newskill Neith is a gaming chair finished in leatherette, so its finishes imitate leather, but don’t worry, it is an artificial fabric and therefore no animal has suffered in the process of building this chair. Which is also available in 9 different colors, so you can choose the one that best suits your tastes or the one that you think goes best with your setup.

The structure of the Newskill Neith is made of high quality polyurethane and carbon and its filling is high density molded foam. All this on a 350mm reinforced metal base with footrest that has a class 4 gas piston, which is fully adjustable and can hold up to 150 Kg weight. In addition to the usual Newskill models, they have installed a Leap Frog mechanism at the base of the seat.

For greater comfort of the cervicals, its backrest is adjustable up to 180º and has ergonomic cushions, with foam lumbar and memory foam neck. As for their armrestyes, they are carbon textured Y They are adjustable in 4 positions: height, angle, width and length.

For those who prefer a gaming chair finished in fabric

Newskill Neith Zephyr

The Newskill Neith Zephyr instead, it is a gaming chair finished in breathable fabric and flannel So what it is available in 8 different colors. It has a series of common elements with the Newskill Neith, since they start from the same structure. But, we are going to add new details that they share in common and that we have not discussed before. Both Newskill Neith chairs have 60 mm wheels finished in Nylon, the height of both models is between 125 and 131 cm, its width of 73 cm. The seat has a width of 56 cm and a depth of 48 cm and all this with a weight of 22.5 Kg.

Regarding the price of both models, both models can be purchased for the moment on the Newskill website, but will soon have them available for purchase online at Amazon and PCComponentes. Its price? Both chairs can be purchased for € 259.95 recommended retail price.

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