Leave your Mac like the first day with these cleaning tips

What to do before cleaning a Mac

Before cleaning any type of Mac, keep in mind that different actions must be taken before doing it. Here we explain the main ones.

Disconnect it from the mains

The first thing to do when cleaning any type of Mac is to turn it off. It must be taken into account that in the vast majority of occasions it will interact with the connection ports such as USB or the own current. This is an important preventive measure in order to avoid any type of short circuit while this process is being carried out. In the end, it is done for the necessary security both for the users and for the security of the device itself.

But you should never just simply turn it off. It should also be noted that the complete disconnection of the wall outlet must be done and also disconnect the cable from the charging port. Once you have taken into account all these incentives, you will be able to carry out this operation without any kind of problem with electricity.

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Remove all accessories that are connected

In addition to disconnecting the power or charging cable for an iMac or Mac mini, all attached accessories must also be removed. This at first is positive to be able to clean all the existing ports quite easily, since obviously if they are connected it will not be done. In addition, it can also be used to clean all the connectors of the different accessories that you have connected. It is also important to remove the cards that you may have in the readers if your Mac has them.

In addition, you can also gain much more freedom when it comes to moving your Mac and cleaning it in a correct way. In many cases, in order to clean the ports, you will have to place it on a higher surface or in a different position. This also happens with the screen and you will also avoid at all times the problems that may end up causing.

Cleaning all ports, keyboard and chassis

Best products to use

There are many products that can be used to clean a Mac in a comprehensive way. The most basic thing that can be used is simply water to clean it together with a microfiber cloth so that it does not release any type of lint. This is really important especially when cleaning the keyboard. Keep in mind that the design of butterfly keyboards allows the entry of any type of substance at the bottom of the keys. In the event that there is some type of lint that comes off the cloth, it can be inserted here and make typing difficult by completely blocking the key.

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In addition to the cloth to be used, the product is also important. Although we have previously commented that water can be used, there are other cleaning products that can also leave it sparkling due to the components they have. These are specially designed to prevent damage to Macs and that is why they should always be used. One of them is that of the ECOMOIST brand that does not include any type of corrosive product such as alcohol or ammonia. It is prepared to be able to carry out a complete cleaning of the gears or the fingerprints that may appear on the chassis or the keyboard. In addition, it is not too high a price and it can last you a long time. (

Tools needed

Beyond the liquids and the cloth, it must be taken into account that in the ports it cannot be used comfortably. Insert a simple cloth with your finger as it is not the most appropriate and that is why in these situations you must use simple cotton buds. These have the ideal size to be able to insert them into the USB ports or the own charging port to carry out cleaning comfortably, dragging all the dirt that may be present.

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Although it is not advisable to use the typical swabs that can be used to do a hearing cleaning. These usually have cotton on the tip and give off different fluff that can stay on the connectors and later make it difficult to connect. That is why there are swabs that have foam at their tip that has the ability to trap all the dust or dirt that can be found without having to release any type of residue.

Precautions that you must take into account

Clean the screen properly

The screen of the Mac in many occasions can be plagued with fingerprints by touching them when wanting to indicate something or simply by the dust that is in the environment. This makes it really important to keep it clean as well, being this one of the most delicate parts of any Mac.

Can liquid products be used?

Among the different recommendations that Apple makes to clean its products, it is specified that there is a possibility that cleaning liquids are used. At first the easiest option is to use tap water at a natural temperature. But the cloth should always be simply damp and never soaked in water. When applying the water, the entire cloth must be wrung out well so that there is hardly any water and the screen does not get soaked, since in this way it can end up infiltrating through the edges of any panel.

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But beyond water, you can also find other products on the market and that are recommended by Apple itself when using them in its stores. The most used of all is the WHOOSH brand! It does not have a really high price and it is very effective when it comes to cleaning Mac screens. It is designed specifically for this type of product and is available in either a 30 or 100 mm quantity. In addition, the pack also includes two microfiber cloths that, as we have previously mentioned, are the best for this operation.

What you should never do when cleaning it

When you are going to clean a Mac screen you have to take into account the things that you can never do in this regard. The most important thing of all is that of the products that we have discussed above, it is that you should never spray on the panel itself. Doing so may directly penetrate the screen and affect the internal components of the computers. That is why you must insist on spraying the product on the cloth that is going to be used in order to clean it correctly. In addition, the products used must not contain acetone or any type of substance that is corrosive such as bleach or ammonia.

In addition, when wiping the cloth across the screen, under no circumstances should you apply any kind of pressure. Keep in mind that the panel is really delicate, especially if it has a nanotextured glass in the case of iMac that end up integrating it. The sliding of the cloth should always be extremely smooth and not reach the edges since there is a high risk of some type of liquid entering through the openings that surround all the panels and that integrate it with the rest of the body. And as we have commented previously, they should always have suitable cloths, avoiding those that can scratch the screen.

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